O2b Technologies Launched A Contactless Attendance System

Let's Start Working Safely With Face Recognition Attendance System To Avoid Spread Of COVID 19

Online PR News – 02-September-2020 – Noida – O2b is launching the most advanced and robust attendance software. This system helps companies to avoid the spread of the deadly CoronaVirus while working from their physical workspace.
The whole world is facing the adverse effects of COVID-19. Amid this pandemic, we all have to move forward with our lives. If we talk specifically about the businesses, COVID-19 is impacting businesses and the economy at the global level. So many organizations have closed their offices and their employees are working from home. The worse condition is that some of them are facing a huge loss, due to losing a lot of finances they have to completely shut down their business. Also, offices need to be reopened because it's been so long. Furthermore, there are so many industries that cannot afford to work from home. Companies, especially with those employees who are involved in machine handling, manufacturing, production equipment maintenance, and product designing, product quality checking, etc.
The first and most important scenario where face recognition attendance system is necessary, wherever employees who are needed to be present to perform tasks that are only possible with their physical presence must come to the offices. But again the question is how to avoid the spread of this deadly virus. Because, at the time of attendance entry, every employee marks their attendance using a biometric system with fingerprint recognition or identity card scanning. In both cases, no one can follow the social distancing norms.
Keeping all these scenarios in mind, O2b, a global leader of ERP software provider, has developed a great software for managing employee attendance. This attendance system would be based on face recognition. It means, now your employees do not have to touch the biometric machine. They just have to keep their face in front of the machine and the machine will recognize the faces and allow them to enter the office.
Another scenario, at the time when the cases of COVID-19 will be decreased, most of the companies will reopen their offices and employees will come to work in the physical workspace. Even after this pandemic becomes feeble, we all need to take precautions to avoid the spread of this virus. Keeping future needs in the mind, this software is the best for every company. O2b Technologies always keep the present as well as future needs of the business. And build strong applications to face many difficult situations.
O2b Technologies' CEO, Mr. Manish Mannan said, " Even after we are facing this difficult situation, we do not need to stop. We will move forward and try to make our business efficient and effective as always. COVID-19 is the worst phase for everyone, so for the businesses. But we all need to keep going while taking all the precautions to avoid its spread. O2b and its team believes in the saying, " Necessity is the mother of invention". We always focus on the solution rather than waiting for the disaster to be over. We do not wait, we act. Our passion and dedication enables us to work proactively to make such solutions. This advanced attendance management software is one of the greatest applications in the current scenario. I am proud of my team who worked hard to make this possible. Let's start working with the new normal, face recognition attendance system."

Moreover, if you are stuck between the thought of whether to re-open your office or not, you should consider this contactless attendance system and think about the advantages such as it eliminates the chances of contact between employees that help you to avoid the spread of the COVID-19. Let's get moving and make your workspace safe for your employees.

To know more about the Face Recognition Attendance Software, contact O2b Technologies, at http://www.o2btechnologies.com

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