ParkSwap, A New Parking App, Helps Drivers In Major Cities To Share Parking Spots With Others

The New York City-based ParkSwap app allows users to swap parking spots, earn gifts and help find parking in real-time. The introductory monthly fee is $4.99.

Online PR News – 01-September-2020 – New York City, NY – ParkSwap, a new parking app, helps drivers in major cities to share parking spots with others.

A new app named ParkSwap could make the often-frustrating process of finding on-street parking easier for countless drivers in major cities, both in the U.S. and beyond.

It’s about solving a problem that everyone has experienced says Nicholas Espinosa the 28-year old New York-based entrepreneur who is ParkSwap’s founder and CEO. We make parking fun and easy.

“It’s about solving a problem that everyone has experienced,” says Nicholas Espinosa, the 28-year old New York-based entrepreneur who is ParkSwap’s founder and CEO. “We make parking fun and easy.”

Delivering on the company’s motto, which promises “On-street parking spots for the world,” ParkSwap takes the pain out of finding a space. The process couldn’t be simpler. When leaving a spot, a driver presses a button on the app that alerts other drivers nearby. When a second driver claims the space — also at the touch of a button — ParkSwap navigates him or her to it, and the drivers swap spots. Once the new driver has parked, he or she has the option of sending $1-$7 (or custom amount) gift, via the app, to the driver who just left. The ParkSwap app is supported with excellent, live customer service.

In a city such as New York, where overnight fees in a parking garage can top $100 a night, the app is definitely a bargain. ParkSwap’s subscription plan of $5.99 a month, or $64.99 a year, offers access to live on-street parking spots in New York City and major cities of the world. And the apps subscription cost is easily cancelled out by moneys saved on garage costs, as Nicholas points out.

ParkSwap’s target audience is vast — it aims to reach smartphone-savvy active drivers ranging in age from 16 to 65. Its revenues will come from both subscription fees and in-app ads.

For more information or to schedule an interview with the founder, Nicholas Espinosa, please contact or or call 415.990.9938.

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