Crowdin launches plugin for Adobe XD

Crowdin plugin for Adobe XD – a new plugin for design teams that work on multilingual UI and marketing campaigns aimed at global markets.

Online PR News – 28-August-2020 – Tallinn, Republic of Estonia – Crowdin, an agile localization solution for tech companies, announced the release of a new plugin for design teams – Crowdin plugin for Adobe XD. The plugin connects the localization management platform and Adobe XD's UI/UX design solution.

Translatable content can be synchronized between the two systems and integrated into the code base via Crowdin integrations with version control systems. This way, companies can set up continuous localization cycles and involve design teams at each step.

The new plugin can be used to localize both dynamic pages, as well as static visuals like brochures and banners.

Streamlined UI localization

With the Crowdin for Adobe XD plugin, designers can get a list of all source text strings that are translated in Crowdin and use them directly in their designs. This helps enhance prototypes with production-ready copy that is uploaded to the localization project by marketing or development teams.

Designers can also add new strings with the keys to update source file(s) on Crowdin, without leaving the Adobe XD interface. For teams with integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, or Azure Repos set up, the updates can be integrated into the codebase automatically. And to give translators more context, designers can automatically upload tagged screenshots to the Crowdin project. Translators will see a screenshot of the artboard where the copy was used when using the Crowdin Editor.

Creating multilingual marketing visuals

Crowdin for Adobe XD lets designers quickly create multilingual static visuals, like social media graphics, posters, blog visuals, brochures, banners, and more. Designers can send artboards for translation and upload translated variants back to Adobe XD. When translating static visuals on Crowdin, translators will be able to preview them in the Editor.

What users need to get started

To start using the plugin, designers need to have manager access to a localization project on Crowdin or Crowdin Enterprise (or create a new one and manager access will be granted by default). There’s a free trial period before your team will need to choose a subscription plan that fits your needs.

Once this is done, installing and configuring the plugin takes a few simple steps. Crowdin encourages users to check the detailed guide on how to use the plugin to localize product UI and translate marketing visuals at

Crowdin for Adobe XD plugin is now publicly available for the Adobe XD community. Designers can install the plugin and take it out for a test ride right away.


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