Lerandeau & Lerandeau Offers Child Custody Consultations

In times of uncertainty, child custody agreements and visitation guidelines can cause a considerable amount of stress.

Online PR News – 08-September-2020 – Fresno, California – In times of uncertainty, child custody agreements and visitation guidelines can cause a considerable amount of stress. Lerandeau & Lerandeau attorneys aim to ease the minds of parents within the state of California by providing child custody consultations, giving parents and legal guardians the chance to evaluate child custody options and figure out how to proceed with their case.

There are multiple different terms used in the legal system that may look similar but have different meanings that make a large difference on legal documents, so being familiar with these terms can be highly beneficial.

Common terms that may come up during discussions include legal custody, which is who can make decisions for a minor, physical custody, which is who the child lives with, and sole custody, which refers to a single parent getting both physical and legal custody of a minor.

Law professionals at Lerandeau & Lerandeau have years of experience and know exactly what to expect when drafting and looking over legal documents and give invaluable information during consultations that can help individuals move forward with legal proceedings. It is not a requirement to hire an attorney, but it can make the legal process even easier.

Some people are lucky and can come to an agreement on custody without taking things to court, but this is not the experience for many others. Oftentimes, when an agreement cannot be reached, a battle ensues over who retains custody of each child in the household.

Before jumping into anything, a consultation from a Fresno family law attorney can help by giving individuals a different perspective and laying out what they can expect when proceeding with handling custody issues in court. This can be a difficult process for each person involved, so having a professional aid in the process can make proceedings go smoother and prevent cases from going to trial.

If a custody agreement has already been reached but it is not satisfying to one or both parties, it can be renegotiated. Lerandeau & Lerandeau Fresno family law attorneys have vast experience in renegotiating the terms of child custody agreements as well as visitation rights outlined by the courts.

Lerandeau and Lerandeau Divorce & Family Law experts have over three decades of experience dealing with divorce cases and familial legal issues. The firm is dedicated to providing the support, guidance, and knowledge that individuals need to navigate the legal system and avoid making costly mistakes in child custody cases.

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