The Singing Marine is Back!

U.S. Marine tuned singer releases new single "Breaking Point" to bring awareness to Mental Health Recovery Programs.

Online PR News – 28-August-2020 – 8/27/2020 Mobile, AL – Daryl Myers is a U.S. Marine from Mobile, AL that turned his barracks room in Okinawa Japan into a recording studio and made his first album. He has performed for veterans on several bases in Japan and in the U.S.

It's been a few years since Daryl released his Album "Solid Gold" and new music, but he's back at it now. Daryl said, “it’s funny how life can get in the way sometimes, but better late than never though, right?”

His first new single "Breaking Point" Released on Sept 1, 2020! It has the vibe and sound of Kings of Leon meets Pink Floyd. It speaks to people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD or abuse. Mental health is important to him as he has family and and fellow veteran friends who struggle with these illnesses. He says, "while this song may not have any hard answers as to how to fix the problems, it is a way for someone who suffers from any of these issues to share how they feel." Daryl also says, " I especially want this song to convey a message of hope and spotlight Mental Health Awareness.”  He feels that the stigma associated with mental illness leads to feelings of hopelessness, loneliness, and abandonment, which causes further deterioration.

He will be releasing a couple more singles soon, but the next major project will be Nov 10, the Marine Corps Birthday. It will be a tribute to his fellow Devil Dogs. "I’ll be asking for donations for the song download and all proceeds will go to a local Veteran’s charity" says Myers.

You can find out more at or look Daryl up on all the social networks and YouTube under Daryl Myers Music.

***What Fans are saying about “Breaking Point” ***
-Dano Hickson- “Awesome! Great quality and a powerful topic to sing about.”
-Daniel Sorrel- “What drew me in where the lyrics.”
-Christina Young- “Wow, that was great... I loved it! Extremely great recording would like to hear more.”
-Paul Curd- “Awesome! Sounds great. I’m impressed.”
-Tracie Norris- “I really like everything about this song. To me it had a vibe of Pet Shop Boys mixed with Daughtry and Pink Floyd. It was perfect! Can't wait to hear more. Woo Hoo!”

*** What Music Curators are saying about “Breaking Point” ***
-Independent Music Reviews- “I appreciate the meaning and message. So relevant for our times of isolation. I enjoyed the edgy electric guitar lines combined intentionally with moments of soft piano chording. Very emotive at times, appreciate the expression of it all.”
-EKM.CO - "Breaking Point" offers a very deep and fresh Indie Pop/Rock sound, it delivers a super stylish and profound vocal, the hook is very catchy, the track evolves well and bring more intensity as it progresses.”
-Yellow & Black- "Your music is awesome, I have to admit that you are making some good music, I like your style and skills, you are mastering this art excellently.”
-Rock The Pigeon Music Blog- “I really felt the emotion on the track, loved the distorted guitar.”
-Hard Of Hearing Music- “Liked the power in the guitars and instrumental approach, nice vocal delivery and lyrical sentiment.”
-Cheers To The Vikings- "Your lyrics are original and meaningful! Your vocal performance is very professional which definitely shows how talented you are!”