Gateway Stations Introduces Revolutionary Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Gateway Stations has recently released an innovative line of hand sanitizer dispensers with unique features that set them apart from competitors.

Online PR News – 27-August-2020 – Centre County, PA – Launched in March 2020, Gateway Stations was conceived when founder Andrew Moir realized the need for high capacity, industrial-strength hand sanitizer dispensers to combat the issues the COVID-19 pandemic was causing to high-traffic areas, communities and industries.

With the goal of trying to help businesses reopen with efficient, effective, and economic hand-sanitizing solutions, Gateway Stations has developed 2 product lines of “touch-free” units: The aluminum Industrial Line and a PVC Economy Line. All models feature commercial-grade, large-capacity tanks on each tower holding between 7- 3 gallons of hand sanitizer, depending on which height you choose. Both product lines are available in 36” adult-use height and a 27” height for child and handicap accessibility (via parallel approach).

With large capacity reservoirs, and refill indicator windows, Gateway Stations’ dispensers enable users to purchase hand sanitizer solution in bulk, with savings of up to $340 per month as compared to the leading brand’s cartridge-style refills. Buying sanitizer in bulk also minimizes time spent refilling each dispenser and eliminates sanitizer waste.

Gateway Stations offers both product lines in 2 power options: Battery-powered and AC- powered. Additionally, the tower can be installed in both permanent or mobile locations, and within appropriate indoor or outdoor applications. Gateway Stations is also developing a solar-powered unit with a “Smart-System”, which sends battery, location, and fluid levels notifications to the user. These stats are all tracked through a user- friendly application on any mobile device.

A key component of the Gateway Stations dispenser is the option to personalize the tower with custom artwork. The opportunity to brand a dispenser sends a positive message to the community about the owner’s commitment to the health and safety of the people who frequent their establishment.

About Gateway Stations

Gateway Stations was established to fulfill the increasing demand for hand sanitizer dispensers to help individuals stay safe and virus-free when entering or using high traffic public venues, events, offices, private facilities, warehouses, schools, government buildings, hotels, hospitals, fairs, and festivals. With effective, efficient, and economic solutions Gateway Stations is revolutionizing the hand-sanitizer industry. Gateway Stations is a privately-owned company, pro-actively working with partners across all market sectors to create safer work and public environments.