Sport Chain Security to develop P2P solutions for small and medium businesses

Sport Chain Security today announced that it plans to develop a blockchain-based P2P marketplace to help small to medium businesses.

Online PR News – 26-August-2020 – SAO PAULO – Sport Chain Security plan to launch in the coming months in Sao Paulo for local businesses for certain trade industries in Brazil and the technology solutions will have functions that introduce and manage new customers and facilitate the optimization of employees, equipment and environment.

Sport Chain Security’s Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Endo Tanaka commented on the solutions saying “Blockchain technology is growing at a rapid global pace and we are able to find new ways and solutions to improve efficiency and limit unnecessary losses for companies during these difficult times. A blockchain-based marketplace is an efficient way of introducing flexibility into sectors where to optimize resources.”

“It is important for small and medium sized businesses to manage demand to ensure success in an increasingly competitive environment especially during these testing times for global businesses. We believe that a P2P marketplace addresses challenges in every industry, where the supply and demand management is impacting business productivity, investment planning and growth,” added Endo Tanaka, Chief Technology Officer of Sport Chain Security.

About Us - Sport Chain Security

Co-founded by Rodrigo Teixeira and Samuel Lanson, Sport Chain Security is transforming consumer habits in the sporting industry through pioneering digital technology and data analysis. At the vanguard of the sporting fitness industry, we continually innovate to create specialist systems and user platforms with the particular use of blockchain technology.

Our technology is applicable in a range of areas, from personal fitness and performance analysis through to anti-doping efforts. With the use of private blockchains, we give the users complete control of their data, storing it in a safe and secure way, and giving you the ability to keep private or share your information as you see fit.