Nobel Hygiene launches a national campaign to tackle the issue of Urine Leakage

Nobel Hygiene, launched its new TVC on 15th August for their flagship brand Friends Adult Diapers post to manage the problem of urine leakage.

Online PR News – 26-August-2020 – Mumbai, August 12, 2020 – Friends Adult Diapers - the flagship brand of Nobel Hygiene, specially designed for people suffering from Incontinence, launched its freedom campaign today via a national campaign across television and digital platforms. With Azaadi Mubarak as their campaign tone and brand promise, they aim to destigmatize the category by creating awareness about incontinence (urine leakage) and A weak bladder is the largest cause of depression after weight concerns and childbirth (postpartum). Frequent urination or a weakened bladder are signs of Incontinence and affects millions in India yet has never been addressed on a large scale with a direct call to action. Because it does not attract customer acceptance readily or celebrity support it is usually pushed into the shadows. The brand aims to throw a spotlight on the issue encouraging the audience to not shy away from the subject or bottle up their harrowing experiences. But instead, take control of the situation!

The campaign focuses on educating people about the problems faced when one goes through Incontinence and recommend an easy solution that is within everyone’s reach. Friends Dry Pants is an effective way to manage incontinence and the product is engineered for both men and women. The campaign will also create solidarity among people suffering from incontinence by letting them know they are not the only ones in this situation while helping them accept the truth.

The stigma related to Incontinence and usage of dry pants is deplorable to many. People refrain from discussing and rather prefer quitting jobs, changing cities, confining themselves in their house and not sharing with anyone close to them and it affects millions in India. This also leads to a feeling of being ‘jailed’ in their minds leading to mental stress. Research indicates that affected individuals wear their suffering as a badge of honour, unconsciously choosing to ‘jail’ their family with them and not realising the impact it has on their loved ones and care givers.

Nobel Hygiene believes in research backed communication for all its brands. For Friends Adult Dry Pants too, the company spent many hours researching with people suffering from incontinence. Explaining the research findings Kartik Johari, Vice-President – Marketing & e-commerce, Nobel Hygiene, said, “The 2 most common words in most articulations were “trapped” and “jailed”. People get trapped inside the houses and rationalize their life around this condition. The families become enablers, because of the exalted role of elders, their reluctance to address the problem, and general taboo! Incontinence is a severe issue that is shrouded in taboos in our country. It needs to be taken head on as it is an unavoidable biological fact that most of us will face it at some point or the other as our bodies age. Yet we refuse to accept or extend it help. People suffering from it choose to remain silent for fear of social ostracization. Changing lifestyles have resulted in the onset of incontinence in as young as 45. So, do we stop living our lives at 45 or remain chained to the bathroom?

Our communication is rooted in authenticity and we choose to create customer delight by showcasing the truth. Incontinence needs be accepted as a normal bodily condition that can be addressed. Our latest campaign Azaadi Mubarak is dedicated to all men and women who go through it. It will address the issue and create awareness about it while expressing solidarity with them. For us, this is the culmination of physical and mental freedom that the product brings. It should aid people to "step out" of their “mental jails” and celebrate their freedom.”

Amit Sharma, Director, Chrome Pictures says "I have always believed, every good script with an amazing idea is challenging. And this was a story that not only introduced me to the problem of incontinence but made me really feel for the people who feel trapped in their own houses, due to the social stigma around this problem.

It was very important to capture the pain of this problem in the story for the larger audience to feel their pain and at the same moment capture the feeling of azadi experienced with Friends Adult Dry Pants"

Kawal Shoor - Founding Partner, The Womb says "There are many issues that we had to juggle with for this campaign. The first was 'incontinence' - not too many people know the meaning of the word. As we got deeper into the issue we realized that many suffer from an uncontrollable urge to pee, some even pee without realizing it, across men and women, but keep this a closet problem as, especially for men, they believe it reflects a loss of masculinity and control. So the category is filled with silent sufferers. The other issue was - what is this category about - adult diapers' didn't help in alleviating shame. So right from refocusing the brand on 'dry pants' to 'normalising' the problem, to a clear promise, this was an exercise in distillation of strategy to extreme simplicity. We're excited to bring this solution to the silent sufferers, and hopefully a strong brand will get built in doing that"

The campaign will be launched on the brand’s digital channels this week and will hit television screens on 15 August 2020 across GEC channels ( Sony, Sony Max, Zee Cinema) , regional channels ( Zee Marathi, Zee Kanadda, Zee Telgu, Zee Gujarati, Sun TV, KTV ETV) along with select news channels ( Zee News , India TV, TV9 and Sandesh News ).

Friends Dry Pants is specially designed for the Indian Body type. It is built with high absorption layers and can handle more than 1 litre of liquid which can give up to 8 hrs of protection. The anti-bacterial property, odour lock, and quick-dry layers, maintains a dry feel to the skin and its cotton-like softness means no rashes. It is also indiscernible under normal Indian attire for men and women.

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About Nobel Hygiene
Nobel Hygiene, the largest manufacturer of hygiene products in India, was established in the year 2000 by Mr. Kamal Kumar Johari, with a view to provide Indian consumers with global quality products customized according to Indian body type. Today, it is the undisputed leader in the adult diaper category and the only Indian manufacturer of both, adult (Friends - and baby diapers (Teddyy) and the first sanitary pad (RIO-Heavy Flow Pads) designed for women with heavy flow. Nobel Hygiene’s range of products are available on both offline and online platforms. Currently, they produce around 75 million diapers per month for both adults and babies.