The New Path to Peace: Simplfiying and Solving The Israeli Palestinian Conflict

A New book exploring one of the longest running conflict in the history of humanity and developing a brave solution to fixing this problem

Online PR News – 22-August-2020 – Tel Aviv Yafo, Tel Aviv – The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the long running struggle between two groups of people which many have classified as having no end in sight largely due to actions of both parties and the dying 1947 UN partition plan that failed to establish a Palestinian country and heralded as the sole condition for peace by radical patches of Palestinians who fully understand the impossibility of a return to these borders regardless they latch the price of peace to this misguided ambition they possess to the great detriment and hindrance of the Palestinian people.
One could project the outcome of this conflict continuing on this trend ending with the obliteration of the Palestinian identity and hopefully not the people however this sad reality does exist, The understanding that this conflict is not just going to go away instead we are witnessing resurgences and spikes in the nature of this strife shows why it needs to be solved using a new solution that can be applied in this new generation as the former UN partition plan is simply not a credible bargain for peace anymore. This is why I published my new book “New Philistine” concerning the Israeli Palestinian conflict which explores this long running conflict, simplifies the nature of this conflict in order to broaden understanding and comprehension from all manner of individuals together with a developed novel new-century solution to solving this horrendous humanitarian crisis through redrawing new borders for a future Palestinian country in the region which both sides will agree to, recommendation of a new and better peace mediator for this conflict, application of new technology and technological methods towards creation of this new country and the operations and processes which will be occurring in this new country; The development of a novel governmental structure to ensure the voices of all Palestinians in this new country along with integration of new building development styles and approaches together with interesting societal development initiatives borrowed from my first book New Nigeria (now on Okada books!) which can be applied towards solving the Palestinian crisis and advancing the pristine Palestinian country developed along with systems and methods of cross cultural dependency and interrelation.
New Philistine proves beyond doubt peace truly is attainable and all we would need is a little bit of out of the box (This time out of border) thinking showing we can bring the end to this century long conflict while ensuring peace, safety, freedom and prosperity to every Palestinian, concepts they have been robbed of for such a long time.
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