New Ink Innovation Mitigates Voter Fraud

Online PR News – 21-August-2020 – Jenkintown, Pennsylvania – The innovative Sentinel Surveillance™ System recently created by Smart Ink Technology Corporation (“SMI”) provides a unique voter fraud prevention system that’s inexpensive and easy to deploy. The Sentinel Surveillance™ System is made in the U.S. and available now to provide a unique identifier (UI) on every voter ballot to mitigate voter issues. This UI indicates specific identifying information such as state, county, and polling site and cannot easily be replicated. “The UI markings will minimize duplicates as well as fraudulent, foreign, and fake ballots”, says SMI CEO Auguste Jacques. “They will also enable officials to track ballots thrown in the trash or hidden from site,” he adds.

Jacques along with his team of veteran ink scientists further explain that SMI’s patent pending and proprietary ink technology was originally designed to be a safe and cost-effective solution for tracking assets. The ink is a “trackable nano ink” (“TNI”) infused with nanosized particles that are programmed with a distinct smart embedded feature to create a UI. The resulting ink can be invisible or visible depending on the use case. The UI tag is like a person’s DNA making it difficult to reproduce. Further, the UI is not readable with conventional cameras or thermal imaging which makes it impossible to see without using SMI’s proprietary scanners.

Use cases include, but are not limited to voter ballots, event tickets, currency, medical applications, and assets.
SMI founders are reaching out to voter officials, U.S. Governmental Agencies, Secretaries of State and jurisdictions responsible for local voting in order to coordinate demonstrations for potential use in the upcoming and future elections.

For more information, contact media relations at 954-665-5962.