Ecosmob Launch Modular Unified Communication Solutions with Improved Features

Unified communication applications and solutions facilitate live, flexible and affordable communication and message-centric workflows.

Online PR News – 19-August-2020 – India – Considering the way business usage of communication evolves, Ecosmob now offer revamped Unified Communication Solutions that are modular and scalable, suitable for everyone from small business owners to large enterprises with global footprint.
VoIP tech innovators have done it again. Not satisfied with offering one of the finest, full-featured, easy to use and smart unified communication solution, they have now modified it still further. A large measure of artificial intelligence has gone into the reworked UC solution and it has been modularized so that everyone, from small business owners to large enterprises can pick and choose.

“We think of clients first and what they need,” said the VP. “We design, redesign, innovate and reinvent ourselves to offer solutions that keep step with evolving needs of businesses.”

The recent ongoing corona virus pandemic underlines the need for businesses, its employees and customers as well as vendors to stay connected. Even small businesses find it difficult to get employees to work from home. They adopt part measures like Zoom but it does not come close to team work, collaboration and customer service or in assuring security and access to existing data. Employees majorly make use of their smartphones but that introduces issues such as data being scattered. This is what happens when Whatsapp is used by individual employees. Ecosmob’s unified communication solution integrates Whatsapp as a single company number shared between remotely located employees, with all interactions going into a centralized CRM database.

Covid-19 related communication and collaboration issues on one side, businesses must also contend with changing customer behaviors. Whereas the phone was the first choice for communication you now see people resorting to text messaging, airing their views on social media or preferring audio-video chat. Their existing IP PBX proves inadequate. Ecosmob steps in with its UC solution development and patches social media, audio-video chat/conference and fax through API integration, which is far more affordable and convenient. Your existing setup is not disturbed.

However, the thing to note is that the current iteration of Ecosmob UC solutions incorporates more AI tech. It is there in the social side where you have smarter tracking, flagging and follow up. It is there in call distributions, especially in the distributed work environment prevailing today. AI makes its presence felt in data gathering and analytics that will help users streamline communication, improve collaboration and reduce costs while delivering superior customer experiences.

Ecosmob also takes into consideration the needs of small businesses to stay connected and the needs of large enterprises. Small businesses, for instance, may not need all the features that UC offers. In that case, Ecosmob offers access to only specific modules such as WebRTC audio-video chat along with telephony for use on desktops and on mobiles. After all, one must also look at the affordability aspect. Ecosmob offers top functionalities at the best prices. It is the same for enterprises where integration into existing IP PBX may be required or the need is for custom UC solution that focuses on collaborative communications and customer services. Larger businesses may find it more convenient to shift communications to the cloud, which is another area where Ecosmob’s UC development assures performance and ease of use.

Small and large businesses are welcome to get in touch with Ecosmob for more information on UC development on phone 1-303-997-3139 or simply chat on