AtSight: New iPad App for Violinists & Cellists, Developed by Juilliard Graduate

AtSight is a brand new iPad app that provides valuable practice in a key area of development: sight reading, via a carefully-curated library of music.

Online PR News – 18-August-2020 – Cincinnati, OH – AtSight is designed to help string players improve their sight reading skills. Sight reading is like a muscle: to build it, you have to use it.

Juilliard-trained cellist Ben Fryxell, a.k.a. Cello Ben, created AtSight by carefully curating repertoire that engages the user, but most of which is very infrequently played. This helps not only to keep musicians interested, but to fulfill its role as a true sight reading app…plus, it can turn users onto composers they have never even heard of before!

Currently out with large libraries for violin and cello, AtSight is available now for iPad at just $1.99:

A limited amount of promotional codes will be available for web publishers seeking to do an unbiased review.

In the coming weeks, viola and bass music will be added, so that we can cover the entire standard bowed string gamut. The interface is remarkably simple: players open the app, select their instrument, and select their level. From there, the built-in randomizer picks a piece from the library upon request, and then the musician can take a listen to a suggested tempo before diving in.

The four levels are beginner (best for advanced beginners), intermediate, advanced, and ultra-advanced. Depending on what level you choose, you might see some pieces that you think are a bit too hard for you. And that’s okay. Take heart, and try not to be discouraged, because in a way, stepping outside of your comfort zone is one of the points of this. Learning by doing, stimulating your mind, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for you to do.

AtSight is available worldwide via the App Store, and includes 50 pieces per level, per instrument (a total of 200 pieces per instrument) that have been carefully selected.

About the Developer:
Ben Fryxell is a cellist from Cincinnati, Ohio, who has recently completed his first year as a Fellow at the New World Symphony. Since his teenage years, he has been a regular presence on the concert stage. He has performed as a soloist with the Kentucky Symphony, Blue Ash-Montgomery Symphony and the combined forces of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra/Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra, as well as many others.
Besides playing, Ben is a firm believer in the power of education, and the sacred obligation to pass on knowledge and wisdom to others. Though only 25 years of age, he is already gaining a worldwide reputation for his masterful teaching. After the COVID-19 pandemic caused widespread event cancellation, he turned to his online presence, “Cello Ben,” and has recently conducted a series of online masterclasses with students around the world, made available for public learning on YouTube, and has created an online course for adult beginners to learn cello.

He also went back to his tech geek roots, studying up on iOS development and releasing two applications, the first being Clef Buddy, for cellists to practice reading sheet music, and then his latest app, AtSight.

Ben's home page can be found at, and AtSight can be purchased on the App Store at: