Candela Coin Announces Token Pre-Sale

Candela Coin, a blockchain startup specializing in decentralized and transferable P2P solar energy, is announcing its token pre-sale.

Online PR News – 18-August-2020 – Washington, D.C. – Candela Coin is a blockchain startup that has grown tremendously over past couple of months. The pre-sale will be hosted on the company website as well as a cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange has not been announced as of yet, but the company will release that information in the coming week.

Candela Coin is a blockchain project that aims to decentralize solar energy all across the world. This means power generation and exchange by way of people, not the power companies or middlemen. They have created IoT hardware and software for seamless peer-to-peer energy transfer. By using blockchain technology, Candela Coin enables owners of solar panels to sell their generated energy to other users, bringing in the best returns possible for their solar energy and the cheapest green energy on the market. People across the globe will be able to transfer solar energy to others in their communities using Candela coin as a medium of exchange. Their decentralized system does not rely on the existing power grid infrastructure.

Candela Coin CEO, Avi Verdugo, said "We are excited to reveal new products and services in the near and long term future, which we believe will contribute towards making the world a more sustainable place. A mobile app, user friendly web interface, IoT devices/smart meters and ongoing support."

In addition to the renewable energy benefits, Candela Coin has the potential to be a great store of value, currency, and medium of exchange. The team has a few major achievements and partnerships that they plan to announce the coming weeks. The proceeds from this pre-sale will go towards continued development of the platform, as well as IoT device and solar matrix development.

Candela Coin COO, Sam Rosenberg, said "When you buy CLA tokens, you are helping to accelerate the renewable energy transition as well as taking the first steps to becoming your own independent power/electricity provider. We aim to cut out the power companies and middlemen. Our system and technology allows people to generate their own electricity with solar panels of any size and transfer that energy to others in their community. Communities will be self sufficient and running on clean energy. Supporting Candela Coin means supporting the people and putting the power back in the hands of the people. Ditch the grid with Candela Coin!"

The pre-sale will occur on September 14. Please go to to sign up for the email list and receive advance notification of the pre-sale and ICO.

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