Bdiapers Launches India's First Hybrid Diapers

Bdiapers launches HYBRID Diapers It is India’s 1st hybrid cloth diapers with disposable nappy pads. No more washing, Allergy & rash-free.

Online PR News – 17-August-2020 – Karnataka – What’s a Bdiapers Hybrid

Hybrids are simply cloth shell covers with disposable or reusable inserts. Bdiapers is slightly different in that it is a true labor of love by a fan mom (yours truly). The cloth covers are designed in a 2-part system which is trendy and comfortable. The pouch helps separate the “cloth” from the “diaper” making it as close to a disposable (yet it isn’t completely). The shell fabric is selected with cotton spandex and has a lot of ‘give’ for our active babies. The coated pouches are fully waterproof (but not plastic) and will not ‘crack’ like regular plastic or polyester over several hundreds of washes. We use only imported Velcro, sourced for its soft and not abrasive texture on the baby's soft skin. Each and every aspect of the diaper is carefully designed by an obsessive mom who always stressed on safety and comfort.

The other little secret about me is how frugal I am (and the butt of all kanjoos jokes in school)! I wanted the best for my baby, but the premium price tags on organic diapers were mocking my frugality! It was then that I decided to make Bdiapers affordable, keeping only the part that touches the baby (the disposable bio soakers) as chemical-free as possible. The shell covers are creative and simple and we have a large pack of disposables for moms who like to save. In the future, we plan subscriptions, bundles, and special back-to-work programs for moms who would like to become our brand ambassadors and buy with discounts.

Amrita Vaswani, Bdiapers Founder & CEO says:

I was determined to raise my baby with the ‘healthy’ and committed to doing my bit for the environment. And it was around then that I started developing hybrids! An idea born out of my need to reduce trash, increase reuse, and keep the convenience of disposables.

That was the start of the design of Bdiapers