Wall Street Journal Reports On Rising Economy in Meadville (Tool City USA), PA

The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed Dennis Frampton, President of plastic injection molding company C&J Industries. In the interview, Frampton discusses how tooling and medical injection molding companies such as C&J Industries continue to thrive even in a down economy.

Online PR News – 01-May-2009 – – MEADVILLE, PA – Dennis Frampton, President of the industry-leading plastic injection molding firm C&J Industries participated in an extensive interview conducted by The Wall Street Journal. In the two-hour interview, Frampton informed reporter Timothy Aeppel how C&J Industries and other tooling and medical device manufacturing firms in the area have remained strong even with the current economic downturn.

Aeppel honed in on the Meadville, PA market, known as 'Tool City USA,' because tooling firms in this area are faring much better than in past economic recessions. Additionally, Meadville's overall unemployment rate is lower than many areas of the country. In his interview, Frampton, who is also President of the National Tooling and Manufacturing Association of NW Pennsylvania, enlightened Aeppel to the area's success. Frampton disclosed that many companies in Meadville have learned the importance of diversification from past economic hardships.

In fact, many of Meadville’s 130 manufacturing firms who used to exclusively manufacturer parts for the automobile industry now produce a variety of parts that range from satellites to Segway scooters. In addition to diversifying the products they manufacture, in the interview Frampton also explained that firms have learned to diversify clientele as well, no longer relying on one or two sole clients as the backbone of their business success.

Dennis Frampton went on to say, "An increasing number of companies are pulling their manufacturing out of other countries like China and bringing business back to the US. Companies are realizing that sending manufacturing overseas is not necessarily cheaper once shipping, errors, and quality are factored in. I am confident area firms will continue to ride out the recession, and in the end will emerge even stronger than before."

C&J Industries has remained successful despite current economic conditions as a result of strong leadership and diversification. For nearly 50 years, the firm has provided innovative manufacturing and design solutions for the medical, pharmaceutical, transportation, industrial, business and consumer machine markets. As a full service product design company and plastics contract manufacturer, C&J Industries specializes in fabricating complex and high precision injection molded components. In addition to producing medical injection molding components, C&J Industries also provides many engineering design services such as prototyping, production molding as well as custom packaging.

“Like many firms in Meadville, C&J Industries is a strong company who will no doubt remain successful despite economic times. Our expansive service offering, combined with our exceptional reputation as a premier tooling company allows us to continue to offer superior services at competitive prices, regardless of the state of the economy," concludes Frampton.

About C&J Industries: C&J Industries is a full service plastic injection molding and medical device manufacturing company offering product design and development services, tooling services, medical injection molding, material processing, and contract manufacturing.

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