New release of run_frictionless Book Shows Founders How to Free themselves from a Sales Role

Author and entrepreneur Anthony Coundouris has released an updated version of his book run_frictionless, including a free do-it-yourself playbook.

Online PR News – 17-August-2020 – Los Angeles, California – Author and entrepreneur Anthony Coundouris has released an updated version of his book run_frictionless: how to free a founder of a sales role. To coincide with the new release, run_frictionless has created a do-it-yourself playbook to make implementing the framework easier.

The book was released in early 2019 and has garnished over 30 positive reviews from founders, sales teams, and business coaches alike.

The new release includes a host of updates. On-pages QR codes make it easier for readers to find videos on areas of interest. Replacing the old worksheet is a new playbook, designed to be more interactive and intuitive.

The free 4Qs playbook was designed with ten simple exercises to help your business (or your customer’s business) reach a Quadrant 1-2 fit or a Quadrant 1-3 fit.

The Four Quadrants, or 4Qs, is a decision-making framework. First written in 2018 by Australian entrepreneur Anthony Coundouris, the 4Qs has been rolled out to countless organizations that have enjoyed double digital growth.

The 4Qs organize people and processes into four Quadrants, such that everyone has a clear picture of how their role and processes touch a customer. Founders are customer-centric creatures, so this is an important step in preventing founders from ‘jumping back in’.

The playbook invites users to play or ‘fit’ one Quadrant with another. For example, to write value propositions that speak to customers, you will need to strike a Quadrant 1-2 fit. However, if you are wanting your customers and staff to share your ?? beliefs, you will be chasing a Quadrant 1-3 fit instead.

To help get you started, the 4Qs playbook is available free this month

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