Merit Venture Capital to launch Crypto-Currency Trading Platform

Merit Venture Capital of Hong Kong today announced that it plans to launch a Crypto-Currency Trading Platform by the end of this year.

Online PR News – 07-August-2020 – CENTRAL DISTRICT – Merit Venture Capital confirmed that the firm will launch full crypto-currency operations and the trading platform will support BitCoin, BitFinex, CoinDesk and Ethereum, along with several other leading crypto-currency platforms.

Merit Venture Capital’s Chief Investment Officer, Mr. Alan Chen commented on the new Crypto-Currency Trading Platform saying “Crypto-Currency is now where people are storing money now and we are seeing digital currencies explode across all four corners of the globe and we hope that this platform will enable us to expand globally.”

“While the price of individual digital currencies may be subject to volatility, the Crypto-Currency asset class has emerged as a fundamental new paradigm that will only continue to grow. Considering the massive amounts of money flowing into the market, it is extremely important that we develop a solid infrastructure. We are extremely thrilled to get things moving,” added Alan Chen, Chief Investment Officer of Merit Venture Capital.

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