LawCloud Offers Free Legal Documents to Assist Small Businesses

LawCloud, a legal technology company with servicing startups and small businesses, has begun offering its legal document library for free to all of their users

Online PR News – 07-August-2020 – New York, New York – LawCloud, a legal technology company with servicing startups and small businesses, has begun offering its legal document library for free to all of their users, effective immediately, in an effort to assist small businesses impacted by COVID. This permanent change allows access to free basic business documents such as Employment Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and Operating Agreements. Utilizing LawCloud’s adaptive autofill technology, users may access and complete questionnaires that intelligently produce complete legal documents based on answers. LawCloud’s core business is providing enterprise solutions to law firms, funding platforms, and other entities operating in the equity crowdfunding space and general capital raising process.

“It’s been a very tough time for many businesses and we know how important it is for small companies to keep their legal house in order. Keeping legal documents in order greatly improves the capital raising process whether through raising private capital or equity crowdfunding and we are happy to be part of that process.”
- Michael Knox, LawCloud CEO

The LawCloud smart library has dozens of corporate, LLC, and HR documents that can help lower the legal costs for startups and small businesses. This service allows early stage and small companies to generate quality legal documents and mitigate much of the cost of traditional legal review by an attorney. LawCloud expects to continue growing its library of free documents at the request of clients seeking documents not currently found in the library.

“LawCloud is pleased to be able to help startups in the wake of COVID-19 and our free document library is a way for us to contribute to helping startups work out of these challenging times.”
- Doug Ellenoff, LawCloud Co-Founder

LawCloud offers a variety of other services such as new company formation (including a robust post incorporation package for companies anticipating rapid growth) as well as general business documents ranging from initial organizational documents to complex fundraising documents for companies seeking to raise capital from outside investors. LawCloud supports funding platforms by providing a system to assist entrepreneurs in filling out complex legal disclosure documents and dramatically reducing the cost of legal review of the required disclosure filings. The LawCloud team believes there tremendous opportunity for technology to reduce the costs of legal services, particularly as it relates to small businesses and startups, and continues to rapidly expand the products and services they offer. Lastly, LawCloud assists law firms in “tech enabling” their own proprietary documents through its white label services.

About LawCloud
LawCloud, previously known as iDisclose, was founded in 2015, and is an industry leading platform in the crowdfunding and legal disclosure space with major contracts with law firms as well as funding platforms such as Water Works Funds, Title3Funds, MicroVentures, and FundMe. In addition, LawCloud offers legal document solutions for all small businesses, including regulatory documents, deal documents, HR documents and other business documents. For more information about LawCloud, visit their website at

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