RakAPIt - A service which allows users to perform high-quality API testing EASILY has launched

Humancrest Co., Ltd. offers free access to the beta version of RakAPIt, a service which allows easy management of API tests on the web.

Online PR News – 06-August-2020 – Yokohama,Kanagawa – Humancrest Co.,Ltd, a company based in Japan which provides quality assurance for web and mobile apps, has announced a new testing service on the web. RakAPIt (https://rakapit.dockyard.biz/) is a total API testing service which allows to manage a series of activities related to API testing in one place, and was developed specifically to cut out the steps involved in API testing.

There are four benefits of using RakAPIt
-Friendly service for API Testers
RakAPIt is a web service, so there is no need to install and set up the environment. You can develop an API and use it immediately when you need to test.
-Improve the quality of your API tests
RakAPIt automatically generates test data by simply importing a Swagger Specification definition. and automatically generates test cases based on the test data. As the test design part is automated, it is possible to cover all test cases and execute high quality API tests.
-Reduce the time of API testing
Automating the test design part of API testing has reduced the amount of time on API testing.
-Total management of API tests
When testing APIs, there are a number of steps involved in creating data and test cases, and they are often done with independent tools. RakAPIt allows you to manage it all in one place within the web service. All the data created is saved in the Cloud, so it makes it easy to add, modify and rerun test cases.

Main Functions

1. Test design Automation
-Automatic test data generation
Test data will be generated automatically based on the Swagger Specification definition.
-Automatic test case generation
Test cases are automatically generated based on the test data for all patterns, which increases the coverage rate.In addition, when executing high volume of API tests, you can select the all-pair method* to reduce the test case creation time.
-Response Assertion
Assertion of response will be generated automatically based on the Swagger Specification definition.
*all-pair method : A combination test which ensures a level combination of two (pairs) of factors appears on the test at least once.

2. Test execution
Users can select a case to run from among the automatically generated test cases.

3. Test case management
Test cases can be confirmed whenever on the Test case List screen. After updating API, you can easily change the test cases and re-execute them, which can significantly reduce the maintenance time of your test.

4. Test result assertion/Export CSV
Test results can be checked on the Test case List screen and exported to the csv file.

We are currently offering a beta version for free until 30th September, 2020.
For the future purpose, we will continue to improve and supplement more functions that make API testing "Friendly” "Accurately" and "Quickly".

About Human Crest Co.,Ltd(https://www.humancrest.co.jp)
Human Crest is a QA solution company which was established in 2002 in Japan. The quality assurance business started from the telecommunications field, and current service provision fields are diverse, such as real estate, human resources, education, logistics, finance, video distribution, and IoT. We provide not only manual testing service, but also automated testing service using automated tools such as Selenium, and QA consulting service. In 2015, an offshore lab center was established in Da Nang city and also Ho Chi Minh city in 2019, it is gradually expanding abroad.

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