New App Launch, Vconf- video conference and meeting for small and enterprise teams.

Vconf best video and audio conference and meeting app for small and enterprise teams. Stay connected wherever you go – start or join a secure meeting Vconf.

Online PR News – 06-August-2020 – Chennai, India – Today’s world is interconnected and our team is providing you with ease to connect with your family, friends, colleagues, and employees through our app with much efficiency in today’s digital world. Vconf– Free video conference and meeting app are designed simply to provide the user with an easy to operate, as the user is our priority. Complexity is much avoided in designed keeping in mind the demand and work conditions of our territory which makes it user friendly. Vconf native Android app is written in Java and the latest material design guidelines are followed. We focus on providing an easier to use the product as well as cost-saving.

Free and open-source Jitsi Server is used in the backend for encryption and processing of all the communication between users. Better quality, improved performance, fast streaming, and reduced server latency is promised to the users by Vconf. Over the past few months, we experienced isolation, and the only way to connect with teammates, health care professionals, loved ones, or learning home was video conferencing. Keeping in view the circumstances our team is providing the users with a much efficient platform to keep connected to the World. It’s our priority to provide a safe secure and reliable experience to the user.

Face to Face communication:
Vconf provides face-to-face communication between multiple users in different locations. It can be considered an alternative to phone conferencing for business and provides the user with an inexpensive means of communication with distant friends and family.

The app facilitates the long term group work between remote employees or companies enabling them to share video and audio ca.

Clear Communication:
Vconf provides its user with clear communication- fewer errors to avoid miscommunication in exchange of ideas.

Simplify management and Usability:
It’s an all in one app providing users with ease of audio, video conferencing, screen sharing and real-time instant messaging all at one place so the team can focus on their meetings instead of being burdened with troubleshooting every meeting.

Increase Communication reliability:
We promise to provide a fast and secure way to communicate with colleagues and loved ones. It aims at building more personalized connections.

1.Home Screen: it is designed provides users with options of the reminder of the scheduled meetings, rejoin the previous meeting, create and host a new meeting inviting others or join a meeting as an interactive participant or view-only webinar attendee with many conveniences as simplicity and user ease is our goal.
2. Create OR Join: user can host or create a meeting and invite others via sharing a URL link through mobile or web. User can join meetings using the meeting code or specified URL through both mobile or web.
3. Meeting History: feature to track everyday meetings and conference calls is provided for user convenience. The meeting can be rejoined up to 48- hours. The app allows clearing or deleting the meeting history.
4.Meeting Scheduler: the feature adds a reminder for users’ upcoming scheduled meetings.
5.Conference Call: The number of users is 75+ providing high-quality video and audio conferencing experience. Calls are end to end encrypted for security purposes also screen share option is available in the web browser to have better and improved learning. Meetings can be protected with security key.
6.User Profile: it can be updated as per need also the available language can be chosen by the user according to his ease of understanding.
7.Login and Register: Users can create an account to log in or signup through Google or Email making login safe and secure.
8.Real-time Chat: During a conference, call group chat feature is provided for instant messaging to send images to share audio from mobile and desktop.
9.Picture-in-Picture: This mode allows the user to do multitasks while in the meeting. One can search files, watch video and more while in meetings. etc....