Fixahome Launches Swimming Pool Cleaning Services in Dubai for Corporate & Home Sector

Fix A Home is a home maintenance service in Dubai that works with an aim to facilitate the process of getting small to major fixes in homes & offices.

Online PR News – 05-August-2020 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Fix a home offers integrated Swimming pool cleaning Services in Dubai facilities including comprehensive refurbishment of existing pools, renovation, water proofing, installation of filtration and disinfection dosing systems, routine cleaning and shock treatment for one-off washing, daily washing, chemical treatment , water testing, mechanical and electrical repair. We also have guidance on the running and upkeep of the pool, consulting services on the operation of personnel for easy maintenance. Our resources are rendered in the UAE. We establish individual residential pools, commercial buildings, academic institutions, Facilities maintenance firms and other categories of clients from Swimming pool maintenance in Dubai ranging from simple private pools of 12 m3 to large public pools of 800 m3.

Pools are very popular in the residential and commercial industries and many educational establishments provide swimming as a recreational activity in their lesson plan. Swimming pools should be adequately cleaned and managed in such a way that they remain conceptually clear and medically clean. There are several types of indoor and outdoor baths, tub, Jacuzzi, sauna, etc. All of them need some kind of treatment and care to preserve the hygienic nature of the water. Fixahome that manufactures a variety of swimming pool goods for water treatment and pool maintenance. The most common issues of turbidity, green or powdery water, algae production, microbial pollution, etc. can be avoided by the proper treatment program.

Fixahome has seen many shifts in our business, but none as profound as in the last few years. This can still be a challenge every day for the builders who have survived the economic downturn. Yet, in the last 6 years, our company has expanded rapidly! The expansion of the Swimming pool maintenance in Dubai side of the business was also badly affected throughout the recession. Having that in mind, we are launching the Finest Pool Service. We have a unique opportunity to leverage the experience and expertise we have developed while implementing replicable and flexible business plans for the Pool Service side of the business. With more than 11 million existing pools and less than half using a frequent pool cleaning company, we are well placed to lead this booming industry with our established record of success!

We were delighted with the amount of like-minded businessmen who came together under the umbrella of Premier Pools & Spas. We are sure that the market on the service side of the business is much more persuasive for well-positioned businesses that are sick of "moving alone." Depending on our scale and proven growth trend, we have once again been able to obtain the best purchase power, discounts and promotions in the industry. As we continue to expand, we invite you to explore the potential that we bring to you. This is an opportunity to make a great return on a modest investment and to join us in the next step of our explosive growth. Are you willing to be part of Dubai's fastest - growing Swimming pool cleaning Dubai service?