Park Particle Research to invest in high grade Shandong graphite project

Gangnam-gu/SEOUL - Park Particle Research is pleased to announce it will invest a minimum of US$2 million into a graphite minerals project in Shandong, China.

Online PR News – 04-August-2020 – Gangnam-gu/SEOUL – The project is located in China’s mineral rich eastern coast where there is evidence of high-grade graphite deposits.

Park Particle Research with excavate the graphite from the project will be processed on site by Park Particle Research’s analysts.

The project site is 68 square kilometers and Shandong is a main source of large and extra-large flake graphite and Park Particle Research’s analysts estimate that the natural flake graphite produced and sold will be US$458 per tonne by the fourth quarter of 2020.

Park Particle Research’s Chief Engineer, Dr. Choi Dong-Min commented on the investment saying “We have been exploring the region over the last few months and we have been working relentlessly to get this project started. We firmly believe that this investment will provide the company with multiple opportunities for growth in the graphite anode powder and graphene markets.”

This project will make sure that we provide a reliable source, high quality, competitive open pit extraction in addition to our current mining facilities. We have spent considerable time and money developing unique graphite products specific to both the graphene and power markets. I now feel confident we can begin another successful chapter with this project in Shandong,” added Dr. Choi Dong-Min, Chief Engineer of Park Particle Research.

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