Phood's unique focus on source reduction stops food waste before it starts through the use of computer vision and AI-driven software.

Online PR News – 04-August-2020 – NEW YORK – With a unique focus on source reduction, Phood provides consumer-facing food businesses with a solution to the illogical crisis of food waste.

Phood pairs computer vision and AI-driven software with the EPA’s most preferred method of food recovery to provide actionable data insights on not just what food kitchens waste, but why.

CEO Luc Dang has been recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30 for his entrepreneurship and visions for sustainability.

Phood streamlines operations to create a more sustainable supply chain and reduces food costs 8-10% while preventing 30 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, per user, annually.

The power of Phood lies at the intersection of smart business and environmental sustainability in a unique moment that demands corporations take ownership of their social power.

One third of all food produced never makes it to a consumer and the cost of food waste accounts for 4% of the global GDP. Consumer-facing food businesses account for 40% of that waste, and only 6% of them have sustainability measures in place to address that. Where measures exist, they are largely insufficient and Phood capitalizes on the room for improvement.

Phood is a top-down solution that champions source reduction but seeks to work closely with diversion partners to achieve a world of zero waste. This global moment of flux serves as an opportunity for collaboration and radical reimagining of business as usual.

Food waste has been cited as the most important issue to focus on to halt global warming and embracing innovative technology provides a viable solution for the planet and pocket alike.

About Phood
Phood is a New York City-based technology platform that provides an easy-to-use, affordable solution to commercial food waste. Using computer vision and artificial intelligence, Phood helps businesses cut their food waste in half by uncovering the root
of waste patterns and directly impacting the supply chain. With a unique focus on source reduction, Phood follows the method most favored by the EPA’s Food Recovery Hierarchy and results in up to 10% cost savings for businesses while preventing 30 tons
of their greenhouse gas emissions annually. The startup has collaborated with Whole
Foods, Cargill, EcoLab and leaders in higher education. For more information contact