Weighing Lab - Online Training Made Easy – Zero Commission For Trainer

Weighing Lab is an online marketplace where you can sign up to hire a personal trainer, nutritionist, or dietician.

Online PR News – 03-August-2020 – Panchkula, Haryana – A new online platform called WeighingLab.com has been launched in Chandigarh, India by Prince Jindal and Srishti Gupta, the couple who love fitness. Weighing Lab is an online marketplace where people can sign up to hire a personal trainer, nutritionist, or a dietician.

Head over to Weighing Lab and make a FREE account, put your current location (along with some optional search filters such as budget, languages known by the coach, etc.) and find your desired fitness coach (trainer or nutritionist).

You can chat with the shortlisted coaches, meet them personally (if you require so) and pay them personally.

There is no middleman to take any commission. Whatever you pay goes 100% to the trainer.

Hence, you will be helping your trainer in these difficult times financially and can improve your fitness simultaneously which has been downgraded for most people due to lockdown in the country.

Gyms are closed in the country and even if they open in the coming months, many people would be hesitant to join it immediately. Hence, it becomes imperative to have such a mechanism where you can train online and don’t have to step out. Hence, we launched WeighingLab.com.

Our body fat percentage is increasing at an alarming rate which needs to be tackled quickly before it is too late. By Online Training, you can do so quickly and without much hassle. You don’t even need an equipment to get started. Moreover, online training will become more popular in the coming time as many people are generally short in time.

We keep adding new and new trainers each day.

Even if you don’t want to hire a coach, you can use a free service called DIET DICTIONARY where you can track your calories and see how much you have eaten in a day and keep a track record of the same.

Alternatively, if you are a certified gym trainer, yoga instructor, dance instructor, CrossFit instructor, Pilates instructor, nutritionist, dietician or anybody who can motivate people to Lose Weight and want to earn money parallelly, we are looking for you. As an early bird offer, getting registered as a fitness coach is 100% FREE (minimum 1 year will be FREE), but after some time, we are planning to make it paid as we need money to run our operations and cover our costs. Hence, an annual fee will be charged from the coaches (trainers and nutritionists) to remain listed on the website. For now, it is 100% free. You need to make a free account, fill your basic details and upload your clear picture and fitness degree to get started.

Coaches can even track what their clients are eating and how many calories they have consumed through our feature called DIET DICTIONARY.

You can sign-up at https://weighinglab.com/register

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