Mama Love LLC Launches New Post-Workout Protein to Support Lactation and Muscle Recovery

Introducing Mama Love® Chocolate Protein, a sports and fitness recovery product designed exclusively for lactating women.

Online PR News – 01-August-2020 – Dallas, TX – Mama Love LLC is pleased to announce the launch of Mama Love® Chocolate Protein, a sports and fitness recovery product designed exclusively for mothers who want to workout and breastfeed their babies.

Mothers pass nutrients directly to their babies through breast milk, making it extremely important for lactating women to opt for healthy, whole foods and safe dietary supplements. Many protein products are made with ingredients that can potentially be harmful for breastfeeding. Mama Love® Chocolate Protein is different.

Mama Love Protein is formulated without risky chemicals, sweeteners, or preservatives. It features wholesome, all-natural ingredients that have been especially curated to support muscle recovery and promote healthy breast milk production, including organic pea protein, oats, tart cherry extract, and flaxseeds.

Protecting the purity of mother’s milk is important. “But this isn’t just about feeding that adorable baby,” says Kim Daly Farrell, CEO and founder of Mama Love. “We want mom to set fitness goals, workout hard, and feel powerful, too. To do all of that, she needs targeted nutrition.”

For example, Mama Love included tart cherry extract in its formula to safely improve exercise outcomes for lactating women. All-natural tart cherry extract is clinically shown to reduce inflammation and muscle soreness after intense training sessions.

Juggling responsibilities as a new mother can feel overwhelming—especially when exercise is added in. “There are so many myths about how working out impacts breast milk supply,” says Daly Farrell. “We’re fact-checking those outdated beliefs and giving moms safe nutrition products that can improve the breastfeeding experience and support muscle repair.” With the launch of Mama Love Chocolate Protein, women don’t have to choose between keeping their babies healthy and staying fit.

Mama Love Chocolate Protein is available for $64.99 at

About Mama Love®
Founded in 2019, Mama Love provides nutrition support to badass mothers by manufacturing high-quality, safe products that offer both wholesome nutrition and performance benefits. The Mama Love Advisory Board is made up of board-certified and award-winning nutrition, fitness, and female-health experts.