Clean, Clear, Chlorine-Free Pool Maintenance Goes High-Tech with Intec America

Intec America specializes in chlorine-free swimming pool solutions by using the copper ionization technology developed by NASA. A safest option for clear pool.

Online PR News – 03-August-2020 – Franklinton, LA – Intec America, a well-known water treatment specialist in the USA, is now offering a high-tech solution for clean and clear chlorine-free pool. The company was the one of the few to commercialize the Copper ionization technology developed by NASA for maintaining swimming pools and spas of all types.

Unclean swimming pools are a breeding ground for bacteria, algae, and various other parasites. So chlorine free swimming pools without any other cleaning means is dangerous. On the other hand, chlorine used to clean swimming pools has certain side effects and makes the pool water hard. To add to this, the world is suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic because of which people have almost stopped swimming to avoid the risk of this deadly infection. But with Intec America’s copper ionization technology, you can enjoy your regular dip in swimming pools without having to bother about your health or the water quality. Aside from cleaning the pool, copper is known to deactivate bacteria and viruses, so you actually benefit because of copper.

From decades, chlorine has been used to disinfect swimming pools, and has benefitted people in in terms of safety as it counters algal and bacterial growth in water. However, it may cause skin allergies. So, there was a need to develop safe solutions for chlorine free swimming pools and spas. Accordingly, numerous ways were invented to clean swimming pools without the use of chlorine. They include bromine, salt water systems, and so on. However, it was found that they are not effective on their own. Intec’s copper ionization system is effective as one of the alternatives to chlorine for swimming pools. Also, copper ionization pool maintenance is cost effective in the long run.

Copper ionizers comprise electrodes made of copper-silver combination or pure copper, which release copper ions into the water when electricity is passed through them. Intec America uses copper-only electrodes in their copper pool ionizers. Copper is known to penetrate the cell membrane of various bacteria, algae, and viruses and deactivate them. Ionizers are effective for small and big pools. This means, it is suited for commercial pools, as well as swimming pools at home or a public one in a residential complex.

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About Intec America
Intec America, established in 1973, commercialized the revolutionary “copper ionization” technology designed by NASA to purify water supplied to the astronauts during their space explorations. Apart from solutions for healthy swimming pools, the company offers water purification solutions to other industrial segments such as livestock and agriculture, residential buildings, commercial establishments, and industries. They have an excellent team that comes up with unconventional and chemical free pool treatment solutions, and hence have a good market presence across the US. Intec provides end-to-end solutions to their OEM partners in terms of product concept, design and management, design validation, agency approval, manufacturing, quality control, product support, and warranty. The company’s products are listed under various brands such as OZOTECH, FLECK, and Clack.

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