Panacea Global Hair Services offers Safe Hair Transplant Treatment During COVID19

To fight the problem of hair hall, panacea global hair services are offering the best and completely safe hair transplant treatment during Covid-19.

Online PR News – 03-August-2020 – New Delhi – Amidst the horrible scenes of the ongoing pandemic, it has become very difficult to maintain your hair in the best health. Also with the arrival of monsoon and with deteriorating dietary intake, people are facing a lot of hair issues among which hair fall is the problem of many people. To fight the problem of hair hall, panacea global hair services are offering the best and completely safe hair transplant treatment during Covid-19.following all the norms and guidelines of the government, they have made sanitization of their clinic mandatory at regular time intervals. Face masks have been made compulsory for both the professional team along with their dermatologists and also for the patient heading for the services.

The two transplant options panacea global hair services is offering presently in this pandemic -
1. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) -
In the Follicular Unit hair transplant (FUT) -
a strip of hair is extracted from the area of the body having the dense hair growth usually termed as the ‘ donor area ‘. It is generally the back or either side of the scalp. This is why FUT is also named as the ‘strip’ surgery.
The future growth of hair follicles inserted on the scalp will be influenced by how loose (or lax) the scalp skin is and by how many hair follicles are grafted.
The size of the hair strip depends on the number of follicles needed to cover the area of the scalp with lower hair growth.
Once the individual follicles are removed from the strip, they’re re-inserted into your scalp.
Later, the donor area is stitched back and is generally covered by the surrounding hair. After a couple of days the stitches are removed and the donor area heals to form a linear or minor scar.

Plus points of FUT hair transplant

1. There’s no requirement to shave the full scalp
2. The surgery takes a shorter time as compared
3. Cost is relatively low Lower cost
4. Best suited for patients requiring a large number of grafts

Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) -
In the FUE transplant -

The donor area of the scalp is shaved and follicular unit grafts are cut and extracted individually.
The procedure can be performed manually or by using a surgical tool.
Following FUE transplant there will be a series of minute scars on the scalp, but these are so small to be noticed or identified.
With multiple FUE procedures more small scars are noticed on the scalp and the hair in the donor area is reduced or thinned out.
This is why there is a limited amount of donor's hair extracted keeping a track of adequate donor supply for a long term plan.

Plus points of FUE hair transplant

1.No major linear scar
2.One can carry short and trimmed hairstyle easily
3. Good for small transplant procedures
Panacea global hair services, provide the best FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi.
Follicular Unit Excision is generally taken as the more ‘advanced’ and modified technique, although both FUT and FUE give excellent and promising results. Choosing the most suitable method depends on the particular needs and characteristics of the individual.