Livable Welcomes New Director of Operations

Operations expert Aaron Mills joins the utility management platform's growing team.

Online PR News – 03-August-2020 – San Francisco, CA – Livable is pleased to welcome Aaron Mills as its new Director of Operations. Mills has nearly two decades of operations experience across multiple industries and now brings those streamlining skills to the utility management platform.

"I've never met anyone so driven by the need to optimize just about everything," said Livable CEO Daniel Sharabi. "Aaron is a genuine 'how' man, with a true affinity for the nuances of product and process."

Operations is nothing new for Mills, but utilities software is a bit of a shift. He spent the last decade in the food and beverage industry in the Bay Area and worked in the film industry in Los Angeles for many years before that. But Mills explained that, in operations, the core skill set of problem solving and systemization is the same no matter what.

"Every business in every industry has problems to solve and needs a system that ties the processes together," he said. "So, you can usually go into any company and learn what their goals are and how they currently go about achieving them. You need to find out who the players are and what tools they use. From there you can start moving pieces around to address inefficiencies and optimize processes."

Mills has always loved how innovative software can make these processes easier, which is one reason he was so excited to come on board at Livable. From the beginning, the company's mission has been to bring top-of-the-line technology to multifamily owners big and small so that everyone can benefit from utilities savings.

In fact, Mills and Sharabi met back in 2013 when the Livable CEO happened to dine at the Sunflower Caffe in Sonoma, which is one of many restaurants Mills has run in the North Bay. The two bonded instantly over their shared love of solutions-oriented software and had been looking for a way to work together ever since. With the COVID-related slowdown in the restaurant industry this past spring, the time was finally right.

"As a long-time friend, I have been fortunate to observe Aaron's inspired approach to management and operations," said Sharabi. "When the opportunity came up, I eagerly invited him to join the Livable family."

Mills was just as eager to jump in and get to work. "Livable is a fantastic product and the team is amazing," he said. "With some small adjustments, I believe there will be a long runway clear for take off in no time."

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