NanoMediTech to research treatments for patients with Multiple Sclerosis

NanoMediTech today announced that it has researched into various treatments to aims to identify new ways to manage and monitor multiple sclerosis.

Online PR News – 31-July-2020 – DONGJAK-GU/SEOUL – NanoMediTech’s research and development team have analyzed various methods of disease progression and can identify target areas with real-time evidence to help inform treatment decisions.

NanoMediTech’s data analysis highlights serum neurofilament light as a potential biomarker of disease activity and treatment response, and test results from clinical research trials support the use of technology to monitor and treat multiple sclerosis.

NanoMediTech’s Chief Science Officer, Mr. Laurent Brunet commented on the medical trials saying “NanoMediTech remains committed to researching and understanding the disease, including the best forms of treatments that matter most to patients. We are generating data that have led to the development of new tools for everyday clinical practice and which inform personalized decisions with the aim of improving patient comfort.”

“Our research suggests that serum neurofilament light is a promising biomarker that may predict a patient’s disease and our technology can help in assisting treatment decisions multiple sclerosis. Our findings support neurofilament as a clinically useful biomarker to help predict whether a patient is likely to have a fast-progressing or milder disease course. It also opens the possibility of using a simple blood test to monitor whether a patient is responding to a specific treatment,” added Laurent Brunet, Chief Science Officer of NanoMediTech.

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