Matching the specs for the role against the roster identifies the ideal executive. This is now powered by CentreCourt™, a game-changer in executive placement.

Online PR News – 29-July-2020 – Kansas City, MO – Traditional executive recruiting often starts with a job description and a pencil, a one-off search every time. Vendux works differently and begins with a roster of fully vetted executives: an amazing group of talented sales executives who are in the middle of their careers, with vast experience, independent by choice, available, and eager to tackle hands-on projects at top companies. They are identified, vetted, and on the roster of Vendux.

Relevant past experience enables these executives to step into an assignment and be immediately successful because they have tackled a challenge around a similar product and sales process in the same industry before. Matching the client’s goals and specifications for the role against the roster identifies a tight slate of one, maybe two qualified, interested, and available executives.

The success of popular relationship matching sites is not good enough for an interim executive role, which requires a near-100% success rate. Consequently, Vendux developed and launched CentreCourt™, a tool using Vendux’ proprietary matching algorithm based on deep semantic search, context-weighted, and role-relevant data points, to facilitate the process of finding the perfect match. Starting immediately, every placement facilitated by Vendux will be based on CentreCourt™.

“CentreCourt™ is a game-changer,” shares Henning Schwinum, Co-Founder of Vendux. “The speed of the process and especially the accuracy of the match will greatly benefit our clients, as the success of an interim or fractional assignment is largely dependent on perfectly matching the executive with the client’s specification.”

About Vendux LLC:
Vendux fills the void when sales leadership is missing in an organization. Vendux is a matchmaker between available sales executives and organizations with a sales leadership gap. The partners who decided to start this business are former sales leaders who have been successful leadership practitioners. Vendux, based in Kansas City, MO, focuses on interim and fractional placement in commercial leadership roles throughout the United States. Please visit to learn more.