KoreaGraph test graphene-based energy storage materials for super capacitors

KoreaGraph today announced that it has been developing and testing graphene-based materials for super capacitors.

Online PR News – 29-July-2020 – SEOCHO-GU/SEOUL – KoreaGraph’s research and development team have been using various methods to test metal oxide decorated graphene materials, using a proprietary electrochemical process.

The tested graphene-hybrid materials will have the potential to create a new generation of super capacitors for use in a variety of applications from electric vehicles to elevators and cranes.

KoreaGraph’s Chief Technology Officer commented on the positive testing for the super capacitors saying “The development our team have carried out and the results we found can offer high power-density energy storage with the possibility of multiple charge or discharge cycles and short charging times. The market for super capacitors and similar devices is scheduled to grow between 17%-20% by 2023 based on availability of suitable materials.”

KoreaGraph’s Chief Technology Officer also added “Super capacitors typically use micro carbon nano-materials which can hold a fairly large capacity. Our research showed that high capacity materials incorporating graphene are capable of reaching an even higher storage level which will significantly increase the operational performance of devices in a wide range of applications.”

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