VIZN™ Gaming chooses Mace Virtual Labs as it’s first distributor for its full lineup of products.

VIZN™ Gaming chooses Mace Virtual Labs as it’s first distributor for its full lineup of future technology Gaming and Remote Education products.

Online PR News – 28-July-2020 – Hillsboro, OR – VIZN Gaming has chosen Mace Virtual Labs, located in Houston, TX as its
first distributor. VIZN Gaming’s upcoming product, the UltraVR™ Cube with a full 360 3D teacher-led virtual
classroom, is creating excitement in education as the next-generation learning platform. It includes the 6in
UltraVR Cube console & advanced 4K 3D virtual reality (VR) headset. It is a fast Windows 10 PC with “a hardware 2D content to 360 3D VR Conversion Accelerator.” Once wearing the UltraVR headset, a student sees, hears, and interacts in a virtual classroom all around them with avatars of their teacher and classmates complete with a virtual whiteboard the teacher can write on, and a screen for showing PowerPoint slides and movies, and posters or exhibits hanging on the walls just like a real classroom. This supports a teacher using existing curriculum content in the virtual classroom. No special content is required. However, with coming custom UltraVR compatible curriculum content, the classroom walls can disappear and the students and teacher could be standing and talking on the Skywalk at the Grand Canyon for a geography class, or be under water at the Great Barrier Reef. Students can have similar classroom experiences whether they are in-class or remote at home.

Remote Learning and Education is a necessity in today's environment, and the UltraVR Cube delivers a virtual-classroom experience that is unrivaled in the industry with 8X more resolution than is possible with conventional VR technology. This high resolution for the first time enables a student to have a personal virtual computer inside the virtual space, so this system does not need an external monitor. At the same time, special provisions enable parents to see what the student is doing inside their headset. Inside the virtual space, the student can see their keyboard and fingers so they can operate their virtual computer at full speed.

In addition, VIZN Gaming’s first-in-industry UltraVR system plug-&-play converts the last 30 years of video games into full 360 3D Virtual Reality such as NBA2K, Fortnite, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Valorant, Halo, PUBg, and iracing games, and hundreds more. It puts the gamer inside their favorite video games instead of gaming with a monitor. VIZN Gaming plans to sell POT?LZ™ Packs which are collections of virtual spaces that can be used for gamer hangouts with their friends, or as project breakout rooms in the VR Classrooms, or as virtual meeting spaces for teleconferencing. MACE Virtual Labs will also distribute VIZN Gaming's HoloPad, a tablet which allows anyone to view 3D content without the inconvenience of having to wear glasses.

VIZN Gaming chose Mace Virtual Labs because of their expertise in VR/AR/XR and delivering complementary and full solutions to their customers. As leaders in the field of Virtual and Augmented Reality, they will combine VIZN Gaming technology with others to create a full spectrum of amazing educational and gaming experiences.

"We are excited to bring VIZN Gaming into our current mix of XR solutions," says Managing Director Edgar Acosta of Mace Virtual Labs. "Their AI driven technologies fill much needed niches in the current environment."

"Choosing Mace Virtual Labs as our partner and distributor is just a smart business decision. Their VR/AR/XR acumen perfectly complements our technologies as we deploy them into the market, and they add a lot of value in providing a rich range of added solutions for our customers,” says Craig Peterson, CEO of VIZN Gaming.

Craig Peterson is a 29-year Intel Corporation veteran where he invented things that are in virtually every piece of electronics in the world today. Craig has disruptively changed the direction of whole industries three times in his career including changing the direction of the entire supercomputer industry in the mid-90s where his second DARPA-funded startup established the technology that became the initial core of Intel’s Enterprise business.

About VIZN Gaming- VIZN Gaming is a Portland-based startup with an extensive roadmap of future technology in both the video game industry as well as the education market. VIZN Gaming innovates new technologies that accelerate students and gamers of today into the world of tomorrow. VIZN Gaming is developing advanced technology today to prepare gamers and students for the world of tomorrow.