GenZ Designs Empowers Pandemic-Stricken College Students to Help ‘Brands Make People Happy’

United by a passion to change the world, GenZ Designs helps companies create loyal Gen Z followers

Online PR News – 28-July-2020 – Nashville, Tenn. – As the world shut down last spring, the lives of millions changed forever. The global pandemic forced numerous companies to shut down job and internship openings, leaving college students lost for the summer.

Nevertheless, 30+ college students and recent graduates from across the globe, from California and Tennessee to the Netherlands and Istanbul, convened to change the world in their own way. Refusing to admit defeat in a world seemingly shattered down, GenZ Designs was formed to work towards a world where brands make people happy.

Generation Z, the consumer demographic between the ages of 12-24, has proven during the global pandemic to be the most influential consumer base in the world, with projections to account for 40% of American consumers. As a team of Generation Z market analysts, sales associates, software developers, and more, GenZ Designs created the GenZ Score Report to ensure companies reach a quantifiable measure of impact on their Generation Z customers in the most authentic way possible.

“Generation Z is the most influential and powerful generation this world has ever seen” said Andrew Roth, Founder and CEO of GenZ Designs. “As members of Generation Z ourselves, we want to empower companies to understand how to attract, engage and influence Gen Z – because when we are influenced to take action, the impact is immediate and monumental.”

GenZ Designs believes in people-centric and authentic values – both universal and timeless values that have proven to be the most important for brands to uphold during the pandemic. Understanding Generation Z’s genuine features will empower brands to make tangible impact: bringing a smile to everyone’s faces.