What's Your Company's Diversity & Inclusion Score? Now's The Time To Speak Up!

Briz’s New Diversity & Inclusion Tracker helps organization’s discover gaps in compliance, reputation, & talent & define strategies for improvement

Online PR News – 27-July-2020 – New York – Briz Media Group, an award-winning marketing and public relations agency, today announced the availability of the Briz Diversity & Inclusion Tracker, a scorecard designed to help companies understand the current state of their workplace culture and strategies for improvement. The Tracker rates an entity's diversity and inclusion efforts through a scored analysis for the purpose of identifying gaps in compliance, reputation, and talent. In particular, the rating system is meant to show whether stated company policy and culture matches up with the experiences of its employees, particularly women, BIPOC, members of the LGBTQ community, disabled, or those belonging to other traditionally marginalized groups.

"Every organization needs to set diversity and inclusion goals for 2021 now starting with an honest assessment of where they are today,” said David Bray, CEO of Briz Media Group. “Briz’s Diversity & Inclusion Tracker was born out of demand for greater visibility into a company's workplace culture initiatives with an emphasis on company communications. While diversity and inclusion both need to be a priority, it remains a challenge for many organizations.”

Bray continued, “The key to success with corporate social initiatives is driven by trust and transparency between a company and its key stakeholders, with employees being chief among them. Key stakeholders want to see company progress with the implementation of these initiatives into the way a company functions. These investments in time and money need to be done out of necessity and not as part of a marketing strategy.”

The Diversity & Inclusion Tracker is designed for two different groups -- company management and employees within an organization. The findings from each group’s completion of the Tracker will enable them to compare and contrast any disparities that may exist among the groups. Once a company understands its workplace culture score, and identifies potential paths for improvement, it can begin to implement diversity and inclusion strategies into their company communications.

Bray concluded, "Communications around diversity and inclusion issues used to be viewed as a risky proposition. Now, it's too important a topic to ignore - and companies can't afford to be silent.”

Filling out the Tracker is a confidential process that consists of a number of questions that take no longer than 10 minutes to fill out. To learn more about the Tracker, please email Melody Wolff of Briz Media Group at david@brizmediagroup.com.

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