Crypto Med Innovation to combine generic versions of smart medication systems

Crypto Med Innovation today announced it plans to provide a generic version of buprenorphine and naloxone as part of Firm’s data-generating medication system.

Online PR News – 22-July-2020 – Gangnam-gu/SEOUL – Crypto Med Innovation’s new combined system aims to deliver real-time information about a patient’s medication pattern, producing accurate data information for doctor’s or nurses treating various disorders.

Over a third of the population suffer from various disorders and various versions of buprenorphine and naloxone are available whilst there are also some substitutes. However, studies have shown patients are often non-compliant with certain medications such illicit diversions are widespread.

Crypto Med Innovation’s Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, Mr. Bradley Hamilton PhD commented on the new smart medication systems saying “Crypto Med Innovation’s new combined system enables dose-by-dose tracking of medication data. Our research indicates that providing accurate and detailed data on medication can allow patients to adjust treatments as and when they need to.”

“Crypto Med Innovation’s generic treatment will be disposable, secure and tamper-evident cartridges whilst a SmartKey will be required to dispense a treatment dose from a cartridge. The SmartKey will then will be able to specify the dose as the SmartKey records each dispensation and transfers data to a cloud portal,” added Bradley Hamilton, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer of Crypto Med Innovation.

About Us - Crypto Med Innovation

Based in South Korea’s capital city of Seoul, our mission here at Crypto Med Innovation is to transform the medical research field while providing personal health solutions through artificial intelligence and comprehensive data analysis. We aim to enable you to take control of your life by understanding your health, delivering vital information to allow healthcare professionals to deliver better-targeted care and treatment.

We at Crypto Med Innovation believe that information technology and artificial intelligence are the future and will propel humankind to new heights through better understanding. We aim to put your medical information in your hands and those who can provide effective healthcare solutions.