Reborn Dolls - Creepy or Therapeutic?

Reborn Dolls, also knows as reborn babies or fake babies are often seen as creepy and unnatural. There are, however studies that suggest these life like dolls can bring great joy and emotional well being to the mothers that create and collect the reborn baby dolls.

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What are 'reborn dolls' and what is the big fuss with them?
reborn dolls, reborn babies, or fake babies as they are known are life like vinyl baby dolls that have been enhanced to resemble a real human baby. They are completely life like in every way. From the perfect hand painted skin colors, to genuine real human hair, down to every little detail of the face. Even the skin feels realistic to the touch. From a distance, one really can't tell they are fake babies. The detailed work that goes into the process of creating a reborn doll is astounding as can be seen by just how real the fake babies appear.

There are some skeptics however. Some would say these life like babies are creepy and unnatural. There have even been reports of cars being broken into for fear of a real child in the back seat of hot car in a parking lot.

Today more and more older women are purchasing reborn babies as a way of helping them remember what it was like being a mother. Not only are the reborn babies fun to collect but they can be very therapeutic, especially for these older women. Studies have shown that holding and cuddling a baby, whether a real baby or a realistic baby, releases hormones in the body that promotes emotional well being.

"I would not be surprised to learn that if a woman is holding a fake baby, that she would have the same chemical, hormonal reactions as if she was holding a real baby." - Sue Varma, Psychiatrist, NYU School of Medicine.

For some, the fake babies fill a void. Take Eve Newsom, a renown reborn artist in Florida. In Newsom's case, it is a void left by having seven miscarriages.

"Not being able to have children. And not having the resources, actually, to adopt, this was my calling. And now it's my passion. ... My reborns bring me a medium of joy and happiness." - Eve Newsom

For others it takes them back to that time in their life, as a young mother, and brings back all the feelings of joy and happiness they received from raising their children. There is just something about a new baby. People, especially older women who are mothers just go goo goo ga ga over babies. A reborn doll gives them a chance to have those great feelings of motherhood once again.

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