New Fuel Pipeline in Afghanistan Requested to Ease Supply and Demand

A new fuel storage facility and pipeline in Camp Sharona, Afghanistan is requested to regulate fuel supply and demand for the US military. Mondo International, Inc. seeks to expand their current services in Sharona to fit the needs of the US Department of Defense.

Online PR News – 23-January-2009 – – WASHINGTON, DC, -- Virginia based Mondo International, Inc seeks to expand their current role with the Department of Defense as a new fuel supplier, storage facility and pipeline in Camp Sharona, Afghanistan is requested to regulate supply and demand.

As a prime vendor for the United States Department of Defense (DoD), Mondo International, Inc. (Mondo) is currently responsible for the safe transportation and delivery of JP8 aviation fuel into the US base in Sharona, Afghanistan, located in the Paktika Province. Mondo, who currently operates over 3000 trucks in Afghanistan, seeks to provide further supply, logistics and transportation services with this new three-phase project.

Securing a new fuel supplier for the base and ensuring its safe transportation is phase one of the plan. The Sharona area is considered a “Hot Zone” due to strong Taliban influence and high risk of insurgent attacks. The company says that they are currently in negotiations with suppliers in Pakistan as well as northern countries of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkistan to supply the highest quality for the DoD. “In the face of danger, Mondo International has had a 99% successful delivery rate since securing the job in 2007 and we are confident that our proven ability will continue to ensure the timely and safe transportation of this important fuel,” says Tommy Hakimi, CEO of Mondo International, Inc.

The second phase of the project will consist of building a new fuel storage facility outside the military base to hold the reported 6 million barrels of aviation fuel. “Expanding in this area shows the progress the US is making in the region and will aid in the on-demand needs of the military” says Hakimi.

The final phase of the new project at Camp Sharona, Afghanistan will be to construct a massive pipeline directly from the storage facility to the base. This storage and pipeline will help eliminate supply shortages and regulate cost associated with providing fuel to the area. “Mondo International is excited by the opportunity to grow with the Department of Defense on this project and hope to expand our services with this new project,” says Hakimi. Mondo International is also working with several experienced partners to respond to this requested need by the DoD.

About Mondo International:
Mondo International, Inc is a US Department of Defense contractor and specializes in transportation, logistics and distribution across the globe, specifically in war zones. Mondo provides extensive distribution services where no roads exist, pedestrian only zones and military checkpoints with no truck passing. Mondo has field offices and facilities throughout Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, China, Pakistan, Dubai and the UK. Mondo has also established a non-profit welfare organization in Afghanistan to fund a technical school for youths in the Kunar Province. For more information visit Media inquires contact Ryan Prucker at 315.430.7584 or email