Lean Station Launches 'Lean PlanDo Reports' A Powerful Digital Reporting System

Lean Station launches Lean PlanDo Reports, latest addition to its ILPD system that saves 80% of reporting time for developers and contractors.

Online PR News – 20-July-2020 – Singapore – Lean Station is excited to announce it’s latest addition to its suite of Project management software - Lean PlanDo Reports - a revolutionary digital reporting system. Working with numerous developers and contractors, Lean Station empathises how painful it is to spend hours gathering information from every corner of the project every week to generate weekly and monthly reports. The aim of LPD Reports is to help users save time in preparation, generation and the collaboration around reports so that time can be spent on something that matters more!

Lean PlanDo Reports is an all new digital reporting system that is simple, yet powerful that would create enormous time savings for developers and contractors through proactive reporting and collaboration. It enables the team to automate the generation in an highly intuitive and customizable interface, weekly or monthly with data pulled directly from Lean PlanDo Insights - the continual improvement module of Lean PlanDo which has been proven to be a global leader as a Lean construction software.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Qui, the R&D Head at Lean Station said “We expect LPD Reports will help address the pains in the current laborious reporting process. It provides the project team with a collaborative platform to standardize, digitize and integrate reports directly with planning information.”

With Lean PlanDo Reports, the possibilities are endless - from creating a customised template, choosing what to include from Lean PlanDo Insights, setting a schedule, automating its generation, collaborating with your project colleagues - internal or external - completely in real-time, all within the digital app or if one really needs it - it can be printed too enabling a complete Construction reporting software.

Mr. Rohith Vishwanath, the Product Head at Lean Station said “This current release of LeanPlanDo Reports is our effort in the direction of improving project collaboration and enabling unbiased transparency. We have more features being developed which will further enhance customisation and in making meetings even more effective!”

Lean Station has been working very closely with developers and contractors to help deliver projects on time by improving the quality and efficiency of planning, commitment, execution and monitoring the projects. Lean PlanDo Reports is a continual improvement of its system for Digital construction reports based on customers’ feedback prioritising their needs to make sure their pains are reduced.

About Lean Station: Founded in 2015, with the goal of solving the most complex problems encountered by project teams, we were forged in an environment that required a paradigm shift in project delivery systems. Lean Station builds Lean + Digital systems called Lean PlanDo to achieve efficient and on-time project delivery of capital projects. We innovate in these broad set of areas of Lean thinking, decision systems, technology enablement and cultural transformation for small-mega companies to scale up into a Lean Enterprise globally.

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