Internet Society (ISOC) acquires Make Media Great Again (MMGA) to jointly combat global ‘infodemic’.

The newly established ‘ISOC NL MMGA Working Group’ gains access to the worldwide community of 65,000 ISOC members to tackle fake news via web annotations.

Online PR News – 17-July-2020 – Amsterdam – The newly established ‘ISOC NL MMGA Working Group’ will gain access to the worldwide community of 65,000 ISOC members to tackle poor journalism and fake news, and provide an impactful voice for marginalised communities.
In conjunction with other Internet Society divisions worldwide (called chapters), the ISOC MMGA Working Group is setting-up a Global (mis)Information Observatory (GIO) as one of the first priorities. Multiple ISOC chapters within countries such as Benin, India, Malta, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Suriname have already initiated a collaboration with MMGA concerning fake news webinars and localized improvement of online news media.

The Working Group will collaborate with impactful media and scientists but also with the MMGA community consisting of critical thinking citizens and experts called “MMGA annotators”. MMGA annotations are practicable suggestions in the form of labelled notes, directly attributed to words, sentences or paragraphs. They are actionable for the news editor, avoid debate based on personal preferences and, if correct, directly trigger a correction within articles. Editors are free to implement or not. Because the annotations are immediately executable and based on the principle of journalistic objectivity, they overcome the known issue of lengthy debate due to subjectivity that arises with regular reader comments.

Currently, almost four hundred citizens are registered at MMGA. Within the annotating community, there are dozens of engaged journalists, scientists, software developers and other professionals, who follow an ethical and inclusive code of conduct and are being trained in journalistic principles and constructive feedback.

The Working Group will be co-led by ISOC Netherlands chairman Alex Blom and Ruben Brave as a board member. Financial details of the transfer are not disclosed. As a Working Group aimed at the reliability of media, the initiative will continue to focus on the themes of fake news, misinformation and quality control of impactful media in general.

Interested to learn more or even join? Send an email to or visit . You can still join, by registering on the MMGA website, now also as Internet Society member: