LoveSync, a mobile app that’s first of its kind, is redefining the way couples initiate sex.

After LoveSync’s “sex button” Kickstarter campaign goes viral & gains attention of Stephen Colbert & SharkTank - creators launch free mobile app!

Online PR News – 16-July-2020 – Sharon Center – Akron, OH (July 1, 2020) - LoveSync, who got their start with a viral Kickstarter campaign and a Shark Tank appearance, has just launched a new sexual communication app that is redefining the way couples initiate sex. It’s a free download for both Apple & Android and is rapidly gaining newly enlightened users.

Life can get in the way, and talking about sex can be complicated, so many couples don’t initiate sex as often as they’d like. LoveSync makes communicating about sex easier, helping couples maximize romantic possibilities by discretely letting them know when their moods are matched.

“If you’re feeling ‘in the mood’, you tap the app. If your partner is also feeling frisky and has tapped their app, you'll both be notified to put down your phones and get to it!” said Jenn Cmich. “However, the unique aspect of the app is that your partner only knows you’re interested if they are, too.”

According to talk show host Steven Colbert “LoveSync…is like Tinder for couples!”

“Smartphones and social media have made connecting with others so easy that we are in touch with each other more than ever before. LoveSync will do the same for initiating connection in our most important relationship, the one with our partner”, says Jenn.

About LoveSync:
Ryan & Jenn Cmich launched LoveSync in 2019 with a crowdfunding campaign featuring the LoveSync technology as a set of bedside buttons. Campaign highlights include:
Over 55,000 views - the campaign quickly went viral online
Stephen Colbert said LoveSync is ‘ Tinder for couples’ in a 3 minute segment on The Late Show
The campaign tripled its funding goal
Shark Tank appearance - the buzz continued into 2020 with LoveSync’s episode airing in January


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