New 'Karen And Ken' Parody Video Leads To Uber Reactions

The infamous St. Louis couple inspired many memes, and t-shirts, and now a sketch comedy video.

Online PR News – 15-July-2020 – Atlanta, GA – Atlanta based sketch comedy group Shift Drinks Comedy released their take on the now infamous St. Louis couple who pulled guns on a group of peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstrators.

The Ken and Karen comedy sketch takes an extremely ridiculous approach on this current news story. Shift Drinks creates comedy for the food service industry and their latest episode explores the idea of what if “Ken and Karen” order from a food delivery service, such as Uber Eats? The video was shared by The Bitchy Waiter, a restaurant blogger, and career server based in New York City with a following of over eight hundred thousand on Facebook. "I did not anticipate the political pushback on the video" says Darron Cardosa, who's alter ego is The Bitchy Waiter.

You can come up with your own opinion by watching the video here.

“This was a tricky subject matter to tackle. We wanted to highlight how unknowingly threatening and ignorant the Kens and Karens of the world may appear to others” says Blake Studwell, who wrote, shot, directed, and edited the piece. Tricky indeed, also taking into consideration producing a sketch comedy during a pandemic. “Trying to find actors who looked like the real couple was one challenge, but for the safety of everyone involved, I wanted to also make sure that we cast an actual couple” says Dominick Racano who produced, as well as wore many other hats on set to minimize the size of the crew. The actor who played the delivery driver, Ravikash Saini, also doubled as the audio tech. “We were so fortunate to cast Dianna and Joe Avena for our silly sketch, they embodied the characters so well, but their kindness is what left a lasting impression with our team” Racano added.

If you are not familiar with the couple they parody in this video remove the rock you are under and Google them.

Shift Drinks Comedy is an Atlanta (ATL) based sketch comedy group composed of top shelf writers, producers, editors, and actors. Shift Drinks understands how difficult it can be to create comedic content with what is going on globally. For this reason, they want to recognize other comedic content creators, through their first annual All The Laughs Comedy Awards.

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