Cerkl Launches New Broadcast Mobile and Broadcast Intranet Notifications and Personalization

New mobile offering and enhanced intranet notification feature support Cerkl on-going commitment to deliver a superior employee communications experience.

Online PR News – 16-July-2020 – Cincinnati, Ohio – On Wednesday, Cerkl announced a new major product offering and enhancement to further differentiate its software solution in the Internal Communications marketplace while continuing its mission to modernize the employee experience.
Cerkl Broadcast Mobile and Cerkl Broadcast Intranet Notifications and Personalization were developed to solve Internal communicators’ biggest challenges. Despite communicators having the ability to adopt several communications channels to reach employees, such as email, intranet, collaboration tools, and digital signage, many still struggle to engage their employees. Adding more communications channels means more work to launch, manage, create content, and publish within each new platform.
With Cerkl’s Intelligent Content Delivery (patent pending), these communications channels can now communicate with one another. Communicators are no longer only dependent on email to distribute time-sensitive comms. Broadcast Mobile and Broadcast Intranet Notifications and Personalization will alert employees about urgent, breaking news via mobile and intranet. These new features work with Cerkl Broadcast Newsletter. The newsletter automatically “picks up” company news and feature content employees haven’t already interacted with and packages this content within an email news digest that is sent based on employees’ preferred timing, layout format, and language.
“Broadcast Mobile truly closes the loop on communications,” says Director of Product Rachel Folz. “We will treat mobile as a channel, not a one-stop-shop, end-all engagement solution. Instead, we expand on our promises to save time and deliver relevant content to the right audience at the right time by offering an optional new channel for internal communicators to seamlessly utilize.”
These communications are not only auto synchronized, but internal communicators can also publish once across channels and within minutes see when and where employees read the content with robust, real-time, cross-platform analytics.
“When it comes time to measuring communications, other mobile apps rarely deliver on their promises,” says Folz said, “With Intelligent Content Delivery coupled with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, we add immense value to the internal communicator.”

About Cerkl Broadcast
Cerkl Broadcast drives engagement through a modern employee experience by equipping internal communicators with easy-to-use tools that help them measure and increase employee engagement. Built to address the biggest challenges facing internal communicators, Cerkl connects existing communication channels to provide a seamless, personalized experience for every employee whether they’re deskless or sit in the corporate office. Cerkl dramatically improves workforce engagement ensuring employees receive the information they need to see plus what they prefer to see in the format and schedule they choose. Automating the delivery and communications design empowers communicators to focus on creating and curating dynamic content which is proven to save an average of 46 hours per month. Learn more at http://www.cerkl.com.