Santiago Precious Metals to make significant investment to meet climate change targets

Santiago Precious Metals today announced plans to invest US$5 million over the next four years.

Online PR News – 16-July-2020 – Planta 4, Serrano 25 Santiago Región Metropolitana – Santiago Precious Metals aim to support new climate change targets with the objective for a zero emissions operations policy by 2024.

Santiago Precious Metals’ climate report sets out how it plans to achieve its ambition of net-zero emissions by 2024 through low-carbon mining which is essential for a low-carbon future.

Santiago Precious Metals’ Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Hamish MacLeod commented on the climate change targets saying “Climate change is a global challenge and will require action from companies across global industries and by society. We have put in place new technologies whilst also following government policies which will be key in achieving this goal.

“Santiago Precious Metals ambition is clear but it is easier said than done. The challenge for the world, and for the resources industry is to continue the focus on delivering climate action. which will require complex decision making, therefore, we all need to face up to some challenging decisions to achieve this goal,” added Hamish MacLeod, Chief Executive Officer of Santiago Precious Metals.

About Us - Santiago Precious Metals

Santiago Precious Metals is a precious metal exploration and mining company focused on generating continued value for our shareholders through discovery, development and capitalization of deposits of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum group metals.

Santiago Precious Metals combines conventional exploration methods with innovative techniques developed by Santiago Precious Metals’ team of industry specialists. Santiago Precious Metals conducts comprehensive searches utilizing satellite imagery, topographical mapping and aerial surveillance to identify areas with the geographic and geological characteristics frequently found in major gold, silver and platinum group metal producing areas.

Santiago Precious Metals combines our comprehensive search capabilities with a range of detailed on-the-ground exploration techniques, including sampling rock composition, water sediment testing and core sample analysis. This enables our exploration specialist to target the localities with the highest likelihood of containing high concentration of precious metal deposits.