WIN TV. A New Global TV Network to rival NETFLIX

WIN TV, the first global television network that lets people earn money while watching a television, a mobile device or a telephone.

Online PR News – 15-July-2020 – Los Angeles, California – WIN TV is preparing to launch its new subscription based global television network. Subscribers to WIN TV can now sit back and watch television anywhere in the world and win money for a subscription cost that woks out to $1.00 USD a day! It is the best family entertainment value in the world. Every hour of every day subscribers can compete for huge cash and other prizes. Including a ONE MILLION dollar prize each month.

While technology has advanced significantly over the last few years that allows a global footprint for a "Live Streaming" television network, very little has changed in the actual program content. A game show is still a game show, a medical show is still a medical show and a cooking show is still a cooking show.

With over 50 years experience in content production and global distribution, including producing three Olympics for CTV, the team at WIN TV have devised new and proprietary algorithms that for the first time in television history allows a global audience to compete for millions of dollars in prize money simply by watching television. These algorithms can be applied to any content.

It is estimated that any given time there are more than a half a BILLION people viewing a television screen, a mobile device of a phone. WIN TV not only provides entertainment but every hour on the hour of every day people from all over the world can compete for cash. Even the commercials form part of the algorithms. This means that if a subscriber wants to win one of the hourly prizes he must watch the commercials. WIN TV has created the perfect viewer as there will be no more pee breaks and no more refrigerator raids during the commercial breaks.

Every month there is one hour program, randomly programmed by our algorithms, that features a $1,000,000 dollar prize. The average prize per hour, based on one million subscribers is approximately $22,000 an hour. At 10,000,000 subscribers the prize money will average almost $250,000 USD an hour!

The subscriptions are the best family entertainment value at $1.00 USD a day! Subscriptions can be for seven days, ($10.00 USD) a month, ($35.00 USD) or $365.00 USD for an annual subscription which equates to $1.00 a day with 24-48 opportunities to win on WIN TV.

WIN TV is the brainchild of serial investor and entertainment mogul Baron Storm who has produced approximately 3,500 network television shows in his 50 year entertainment career. These shows have been distributed globally along with his music, books and films.

The first goal for WIN TV is to reach a subscriber base of One Million people from around the world. Already WIN TV is negotiating and looking at partnering with entrepreneurs from around the world to create the WIN TV format in their own country with their own host/s speaking their own language. In the interim, the WIN TV network will be launched globally in the English language.

A massive hunt is on for WIN TV hosts and technicians familiar with live streaming on a global basis. The WIN TV network has found a new way to engage and interact with a global audience where people can earn cash and prizes simply by watching television. Just like other disruptor companies such as UBER and Amazon, WIN TV will disrupt the way that the global entertainment business is conducted.

WIN TV is now preparing is first "Seed" round of financing by issuing ten million shares at $10.00. The round "A" financing is expected to follow early next year and be priced in the $25.00 per share range.The company will be going public providing an exit strategy for all investors.

Should anyone be interested in either subscribing, joining our team or investing, hosting or providing content of any kind for submission, they should contact WIN TV immediately by email at