Announcing Onramper - An all-in-one fiat onramp aggregator.

Announcing Onramper, a fiat-to-crypto onramp solution that integrates all the major fiat gateways in a single, easy to integrate, turnkey solution.

Online PR News – 15-July-2020 – Tilburg, Noord Brabant – Safudex B.V. today announced the launch of Onramper, a fiat-to-crypto onramp solution for wallets and exchanges. Onramper is a fiat gateway aggregator, which can be integrated into the websites and applications of third parties.
By merging the services of various fiat gateways in a single product, Onramper supports the widest possible amount of fiat currencies, payment methods and cryptocurrencies. Prior to Onramper, such reach would have only been obtainable by integrating all the major fiat gateways yourself. Doing so required a lot of work as it would involve having to contract with each gateway, integrate them all and go through their due diligence processes. All related integration costs would further have to be assumed by the wallet, exchange or DApp.
“The need for Onramper becomes apparent when you try to implement a fiat gateway on your website or app” said Thijs Maas, Director at Safudex. “Very quickly, you realize that to build a good fiat onramp, you need to integrate multiple fiat gateways, which is a lot of work. With Onramper, we offer a single turnkey widget that has all major fiat gateways integrated from the get-go.”
Onramper exists out of a widget and API, which can easily be integrated by wallets, exchanges and DApps.

How Onramper works:
Onramper connects users with fiat to crypto conversion services. Based on the input of a user, (e.g the requested payment method, cryptocurrency and fiat currency) and the user’s location, Onramper calculates the best available offers across various vendors. The user is then presented with various offers. Once a user chooses between the various available gateways, he/she can finish the transaction with that vendor without leaving the page on which Onramper is integrated.

Who is Onramper for?
The Onramper widget is perfect for those websites/applications that want to allow their users to buy cryptocurrencies, without having to spend the time to integrate multiple fiat onramps and without having having to worry about chargebacks or any legal aspects. It is for those companies that would rather not spend time and resources reinventing the wheel. We’ve done the work already, so the parties integrating Onramper don’t have to.

Release date:
Onramper will be officially released in Q4 2020. This press release marks the official pivot and decision to 100% focus on Onramper and the opening of Onramper’s Launch Partner Program.

Launch Partner Program:
All companies integrating Onramper before Q4 2020 will be able to join Onramper’s Launch Partner Progra. This program exists to reward early adopters, while working with them to build the best possible product. Benefits for launch partners include: waived integration fees, custom support, feature requests and inclusion in marketing related materials.

About Safudex B.V.: Safudex B.V. is a Dutch software development studio with team-members in Singapore, the Netherlands, and Malaysia. Prior to Onramper, the company launched Neologin, a non-custodial wallet for Neo-based decentralized applications, and the Neo Notification System. Safudex has further built SmartBNB and has previously received a Neo Development Grant and a Binance X Fellowship Grant.