Varcis Group today announced the launch of a High-Performance consultancy division for Elite Sports teams for the 48 countries within the Asia region

Online PR News – 12-July-2020 – MONDAY, 6TH JULY, HONG KONG – Varcis Group Ltd (VARCIS) today announced the launch of a High- Performance consultancy division for Elite Sports teams for the 48 countries within the Asia region.

“Our VARCIS international network of high-performance experts, combined with our deep understanding of sports technology and sports innovation, enables VARCIS to deliver a competitive advantage for athletes and teams in Asia. Our story has been developed over many years in close consultation with our industry partners and infused with the latest findings from our internationally recognized researchers. This means athletes and clubs will be delivered advice directly from industry experts and world-leading practitioners who are currently breaking new ground in the field with world elite clubs, leagues and National sporting bodies” said Mr. Phillip King, Chairman of VARCIS. “

“With the introduction of the proven world class SSMAT methodology (Evaluation of sport science, medicine, analytics and technology), Varcis will enable athletes and clubs within Asia to rapidly close the gap on and off the field with their European and U.S. counterparts. It also introduces key principles of athlete performance management including individualization, periodization, load monitoring, and injury prevention which is the key to sustain high performance and “keep athletes on the field longer”. It encompasses everything from nutrition, athlete management, concussion, player tracking, artificial intelligence, injury prevention, fitness and coaching technologies. Ultimately the impact will be to Introduce concepts and methods to understand high performance and evaluate professional football clubs as well as commence high performance programs and club evaluations to reduce injury and create a preventative strategy regime “ said Mr James Demetriou, Managing Director, Varcis Group.

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Mr. Phillip King
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Mr. James Demetriou
Managing Director
Varcis Group Ltd

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