Opinion Poll: Trump Passes Adderall 'Sniff Test'

Survey by Lucky Star Communications shows few believe rumors of Trump stimulant usage.

Online PR News – 13-July-2020 – Cleveland, OH – Comedian Noel Casler, who worked with President Donald Trump on six seasons of "The Celebrity Apprentice," tells "People" magazine that Trump often snorted Adderall, a drug used to treat ADHD, to focus better on reading cue cards.

Elsewhere on Twitter, "Mom" actress Kristen Johnston, a recovering substance abuser, claims she can tell Trump is using Adderall -- "and maybe alcohol" -- just from his sniffs and dilated pupils. Horror author Stephen King and dozens of other Twitter users seem to agree.

But according to a random survey of 1,006 Americans taken June 3-5, it's just not true. Only 7% of Americans have even heard that Trump might be using Adderall, and only 15% have noticed that he frequently sniffs. (Of course, that's 31.5 million adults.)

The survey was commissioned by Lucky Star Communications, an Ohio-based consulting firm, and conducted by ENGINE/CARAVAN of Princeton, N.J. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3%.

Elsewhere on Twitter Mom actress Kristen Johnston a recovering substance abuser claims she can tell Trump is using Adderall -- and maybe alcohol -- just from his sniffs and dilated pupils. Horror author Stephen King and dozens of other Twitter users seem to agree.

According to the survey, Democrats much more than Republicans claim to have knowledge of this sniffing behavior. On Trump's alleged Adderall sniffing, 12% of Democrats say they have heard of it, compared to just 3% of Republicans and 6% of Independents. Likewise, 25% of Democrats say they have noticed Trump sniffing a lot, compared to 7% of Republicans and 11% of Independents.

Americans are confident the truth is not being withheld from them by Trump's doctors. Only 15% of Americans feel that Trump might be taking a medicine that the doctors are keeping secret, with 28% of Democrats feeling that way, 4% of Republicans feeling that way, and 15% of Independents feeling that way.

"The vast majority of Americans are confident that Pres. Trump is in good health," said Jeff Barge, principal of Lucky Star Communications, a full-service boutique pubic relations firm. "He has just passed a cognition test with flying colors, and according to the American people, he passes the Adderall 'sniff test' as well."

As to slurring, that's another matter. 24% of Americans have noticed that Trump sometimes slurs, with 42% of Democrats saying yes, 9% of Republicans saying yes, and 27% of Independents saying yes. Additionally, 23% of the country feels Trump might be fibbing about his weight.

What many do agree upon is that Pres. Trump "at least occasionally" tells lies. 42% of the country feels that overall, with 68% of Democrats weighing in on the affirmative, 22% of Republicans, and 50% of Independents.

Trump's health came to the media spotlight most recently when he seemed to have some difficulty maneuvering down the off ramp of the airplane that had taken him to graduation ceremonies at West Point Military Academy.

But Twitter users seem oddly adamant about the Adderall usage. Tweets Lynn Bemis firmly: "He sniffs Adderall, which is an upper, but does take some sort of sinus medication, that you can only buy OTC in Canada."

Adds Gudrun Lara Sveinsbottir: "That's how he can tweet 50 to 100 times over one night while it would take us days to do the same. Never seem to sleep is a strong hint also."

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