Dr. Rafael Camberos Talks About the Importance of Time Regarding Mommy Makeover

Dr. Rafael Camberos details important criteria, including timing, and limitations, that determine the ideal time in which to undergo mommy makeover surgery.

Online PR News – 13-July-2020 – Tijuana, Mexico – Pregnancy and childbirth typically alter the shape of the breasts and body permanently, states plastic surgeon Rafael Camberos, MD. He says a mommy makeover, which usually combines two or more cosmetic enhancement procedures, is designed to help restore a firmer, more youthful pre-pregnancy figure.

To aid patients considering this popular body-contouring method, Dr. Camberos indicates women should not only consider whether this treatment is the right choice for them aesthetically, but also examine when the right time for a mommy makeover might be.

Dr. Camberos notes that patients should be finished having children, as additional pregnancies can alter the outcome of the procedure. For similar reasons, he advises that individuals should be close to or at their ideal weight. Losing a significant amount of weight after the surgery, he cautions, could potentially result in the development of skin laxity around the midsection, possibly eliminating the benefits of the tummy tuck portion of the operation. He explains that the extent of the recovery period, which may take up to a month, is often overlooked. He says women will need to find a time when they can take a break from work and other regular duties to heal properly.

Ultimately, Dr. Camberos reminds prospective patients that mommy makeover surgery is a major operation, and in addition to developing reasonable expectations for the outcome, individuals also need to schedule the appropriate amount of time off to fully recover. He recommends that women who are considering a mommy makeover should research a board-certified plastic surgeon and discuss their routine daily activities to help determine when the ideal time may be to undergo the procedure.

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