New Funding for Veterans

A new funding platform bringing hope and relief to Veterans

Online PR News – 11-July-2020 – Allen, Texas – Funds For Veterans is a new 501-3(c) non profit Emergency Funding Platform for Veterans.
With a single focus providing immediate help to suffering veterans.
Each day more than 17 of our brave men and women commit suicide, in 2019 more than 38,000
were homeless. More than 500,000 who have served suffers from PTSD. Nearly 1.5 million of our
brave men and women live in households that completely rely on SNAP benefits to support
themselves and their love ones.
FFV is the first platform of its kind that provide e-gift cards to veterans ( for food, clothing and
transportation) and financial payouts to institutions that provides housing, etc.
FFV was created by Dallas, Tx , Native Lorenza Lydia, For those not familiar with entrepreneur mr.
Lydia, we were first introduce to him in 2008, when he created a plush toy giveaway to children's
hospitals all across the country called Queetles, this mission is current today.
Mr. Lydia created FFV as a way to honor his father a career military veteran and those retired. The
program launched March 2020, depends on the sole support of Grants and Private donors. All FFV
employees are members who have served or have love-ones that have served. FFV is not a
revolving door for a single veteran, once FFV provide the initial help they lead the recipient into
the directional facility for long term care.
‘We owe them a better life. So we come to you with our arms opened and our hearts heavy, asking
you to remember those who have done all within their power to help keep America safe and free.
We ask you to go to our website and make a donation. As we ask our veterans in dire need to signup for help. Each day I wake up and while rallying the troops I find myself filled with joy, energy
and love as I am reminded of a special quote “ We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a
drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.- Mother Teresa “
- Lorenza
Please Donate – Thank you!