Roofing Industry experts prefer to use EPDM roof coatings for repair and maintenance jobs

Roof coatings doesn’t just serve one purpose, there are a number of benefits you can get depending upon the type of the roof and type of the coating you go for.

Online PR News – 13-July-2020 – Shelton Connecticut – Bridgeport, Connecticut- June 30th, 2020 – Everyone wants to extend the life of their roof, who doesn’t. But in daily life the roof is exposed to a number of extrusive elements like rain, storms, ice and even UV damage. It is hard for the roof to bear all these elements without suffering wear and tear. So the roof needs protection too and a time will come when you have to decide whether to repair the roof or replace it all-together.
“The roof coating industry is diverse enough that a product is available for nearly every roofing situation.”Dan Quinonez, Executive Director:Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association (RCMA).
In most scenarios, coating an existing roofing membrane can be agreat option. It can save you from a lot of money and time as compared to costly roof replacement.A roof coating can extend the roof life expectancy. Sealing a roof with roof coating can provides protection to the roof and prevents or mitigates damage from climate extremes and outdoor elements.
“Maintaining social distancing is vital during the COVID-19 pandemic; so ask the roofer if he is willing to conduct the roof inspection via video chat rather than traditional on-site roof inspection.”
A coat of high quality EPDM Coating Liquid rubber can restore an existing roof to like-new; delaying the need for roof replacement by adding up to 18 to 20 years of guaranteed life protection to your existing roof.
EPDM coatings pride itself for delivering industry proven products for residential, commercial and RV use. With over a 25-year history of success EPDM coatings have helped thousands get a new roof for a fraction of the cost of new roof replacement. Our products have unique chemical combination and application characteristics which have made them top choice for customers.